At Christmas and other festive occasions it is very common to drink alcohol in excess, so that later the most uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of a hangover appear. We explain how to relieve it easily.

When there are only two days left until Christmas night in which we will meet with our families to celebrate the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is more than opportune and necessary to remember that generally for these dates the excessive intake of food and drink is usually something more than natural and socially permitted.

Not only is it eaten in abundance, for example, it can be highly caloric foods such as suckling pig, Russian salads with mayonnaise, tuna, potatoes and carrots, plus an appetizer with cold cuts and cheese, plus sweet bread, nougat, fruit and ice cream…

You also start drinking alcohol from the early hours of the afternoon when we get together for social gatherings with friends before Christmas Eve until ending at the table with the festivities before and after the arrival of Santa Claus.

That is why and it is very necessary that for the prevention of a hangover we will provide you with a series of tips and remedies or advice that can help to reduce the side effects of a binge and an intake of alcohol in a quantity greater than normal. Habitual. Of course, please remember that if you drink excessively do not drive.

Useful tips to help you relieve discomfort after drinking alcohol

Drink enough water, and not only when you have a hangover, but while you are consuming alcohol, that way you will avoid dehydration and the next day you will feel better

If you smoked a lot and took your drinks with ice, it is possible that the next day you wake up with a sore throat, to avoid this, drink lemon water sweetened with honey.

Take electrolyte drinks, such as Gatorade, which stand out as you will surely know for being sports drinks, which will help you replenish the salts and potassium that are lost when we drink. While chicken soup can also help you replenish lost salts and potassium.

recharged breakfast will help you recover your energy. Bet on eggs for breakfast, since the protein will make you feel more vital. And accompany it with toasted bread. Believe it or not, carbohydrates are a good resource to stabilize blood sugar levels, which rise when we consume alcohol.

To relieve nausea and headaches, eat plantains or bananas. This fruit has potassium and antacids, so it is perfect for eliminating nausea and headaches, while helping to reduce the annoying symptoms associated with heartburn.

On the other hand, for stomach discomfort after a night out, we recommend chewing fresh mint leaves or preparing mint tea. If you feel stomach discomfort you can use baking soda with water, but do not combine it with lemon because it could irritate your stomach.

And finally, get enough rest so that the body recovers and you can perform your activities optimally.

If all these tips fail to take effect, we recommend that you eat grilled chicken seasoned with lemon and toast with distilled water for the New Year’s Eve celebration. You will not really forget what happened due to a hangover but you will live the festivities fresh as a cucumber.


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