It is common for many adolescents to be sedentary. Therefore, the key is to know how to prevent a sedentary lifestyle in adolescence, and enjoy a healthier life.

It is common that, during adolescence, many young people prefer to spend their free time using the computer, playing video games or watching television for long hours of the day. What together with his study hours at the institute or university, finally we find that the young man leads a sedentary lifestyle.

As you surely know, it is a lifestyle that is detrimental to health, since as we knew in our note dedicated to consequences of sedentary lifestyle, sedentary young people are more overweight and obese, they have a greater propensity to suffer from certain diseases (such as diabetes or high blood pressure), their muscles lose strength causing greater joint pain and contractures, and they generally tend to have a lower mood.

Therefore, there is no doubt that changing a sedentary lifestyle for a much more active lifestyle is simply essential when it comes to enjoying a healthier and healthier life.

Tips to prevent a sedentary lifestyle in adolescence

Practice physical exercise

Physical exercise is essential to enjoy better health. And it is that among the benefits of exercise most important, we find that:

  • It benefits the cardiorespiratory system.
  • It benefits the locomotor system.
  • It prevents overweight and obesity (or helps reduce it in case of excess weight), by increasing energy expenditure and fat consumption.
  • Effective against muscle aches.
  • It has a very interesting anti-stress effect.
  • You sleep much better.

Reduce the hours you watch television or use the computer

Try to reduce the hours you spend in front of the television or using the computer and replace them with social activities: go out with your friends, practice activities or physical exercise…

It is better to spend only 1 hour a day than 3 or 4, as is the custom in many houses.



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