BeautyHow to naturally cleanse your skin every day

How to naturally cleanse your skin every day

Cleaning the skin, to do it correctly, requires a daily routine. We explain what steps you should follow to clean the skin of the face naturally.

Skin cleansing is one of the keys to a fresh appearance and will be one of the keys to making your skin look radiant, highlighting your best qualities. Of all the tricks to look better, this is probably one of the most important. And here we will give you some homemade recipes that will help you a lot.

To have a real care for the skin of our face, we must incorporate the cleaning of the skin as a daily habit, which we must do both before putting on makeup, and after removing the paint.

When we look for natural solutions, we will see that there are two star ingredients, they are lemon and soapwort. Both elements have detergent properties, which makes them ideal for this type of application. In fact, in many of the commercialized products these ingredients are present.

In any case, there are other natural products that can, for example, be used in masks to cleanse the skin, such as honey, oatmeal and yogurt. The list doesn’t end there: cucumbers, milk, cornmeal, chamomile and we could go on. But clearly, and as with everything related to skin care, we must know what our complexion is like, in order to choose the appropriate recipe.

Step by step to clean your skin with natural remedies

Step one of a good skin cleansing is always -regardless of whether you use homemade or laboratory products- wash your face with warm water and use a cleansing gel, taking into account the type of skin. It is important not to skip this step, because if impurities remain, the cleaning will not be as effective.

Then it will be time for facial cleansing itself, for which you will use olive oil, something that we all normally have in our kitchens. To apply it you can place a few drops on one of those cotton discs and make circular and very smooth movements on the face. This same procedure can also be used perfectly to remove makeup. Finish this step by rinsing your face with plenty of warm water.

The third step will be an exfoliation based on honey and sugar. By mixing both you will have a paste that is applied to the skin with circular movements. By removing dead skin cells, your appearance will be improved and it will be smoother to the touch. Then once again wash your face with lukewarm water.

To complete this skin cleansing treatment, we suggest applying a mask based on natural products. As we mentioned, there are many that can be used, and by having different natural properties, you will be able to find the one that best suits the needs of your skin.

For example, you can make a very simple one based on half natural yogurt, 2 tablespoons of pure honey and 2 pieces of banana. You just have to mash the banana well and mix it in a bowl with the yogurt and honey. Apply to clean facial skin and leave on for 25 minutes.  Finally rinse your skin well with lukewarm water.

Finally, if, for example, what you are looking for is to hydrate, you can make a homemade mask with a tablespoon of oatmeal, a tablespoon of yogurt and a little honey. Then you apply the paste for 15 minutes on the face and rinse with warm water. If what you need is to erase tiredness from your face, you already know that cucumber is the natural remedy indicated for it. The recipe is simple: chop half a cucumber without the skin, add a tablespoon of olive oil and one of honey; it is crushed well with a fork until it forms a paste that must be refrigerated for half an hour. Then from the fridge straight to your face for twenty minutes, and you’ll look completely refreshed.


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