Making up your lips is easy, but it is very important to know some tricks, shapes and ways that will help you achieve better results. Discover 7 unique ways.

Thinner, fuller, sexy… there are many kinds of lips, but these can be transformed with simple gestures thanks to makeup. Always depending on the occasion and what we want to achieve, we can obtain colored lips or offer more volume to make them fuller.

And it is that lip makeup is one of the most common and typical routines of the day to day in most women. But there are so many colors, tones and types to choose from that many mornings we are faced with a sea of ​​doubts.

For this reason, and to help you a little more, we propose 7 different ways to apply makeup to your lips, so that you can choose among the ones you like the most.

7 different ways to do lip makeup

With natural effect

Now what is natural is taking, that is, leaving lips as believable as possible, applying makeup but without appearing to be. To do this, we will use neutral colors, such as orange, pink, white and especially nude, to create this very natural effect that we are looking for.

At the same time, with the lip gloss or gloss (no need for lipstick) the lips will be really beautiful. Such colors also make us look much younger than we are. When looking for naturalness, we should not apply a lot of lipstick, but rather little.

Maximum volume

Girls who have thin lips look for a thousand ways to offer a slightly more voluminous effect. This can be achieved with makeup that will give life to dull and poor lips. A first step is to apply a lipstick around the contour, and then fill in the central part with gloss or lipstick.

Stronger colors, like red, will show up a lot more. They are intense and offer the volume that we expect so that everyone notices this part of the face. Now, we cannot go overboard when it comes to makeup, because otherwise it will look very unnatural and exaggerated.

Boyish look

The most sensual lips are those that are halfway between nude and passion red. It is the one that makes us show our most youthful or naive side. It is clear that here the color pink and fluorine triumph to show sensual lips but always within their proper measure.

Shine and more shine

For both eyes and eyelids, we now take a step further in beauty thanks to the most imaginative makeup. Gold and silver prevail to create a look that is always daring and different.

What used to be destined for a night of partying and costumes can now be the dominant trend for day and night.

That is, we can apply black, gold and silver dots to our lips with which to dream and live different stories. It is clear that here you will be the center of attention, but surely it is what you are looking for. To make up the lips with different colors, nothing better than doing it with brushes of different sizes.

Powerful red

Powerful red is the quintessential color of well-made-up lips. Surely we have all applied this tone at some time and we see that it really stands out. And it is that it is good for all skin types, and hair colors. The important thing is to find the ideal tone and the one that best complements the style of each one.

To paint, a liner of the same shade as the lipstick is best because it will seal the entire image and color of the lips.

According to the shape of your lips

Another way to do makeup is to do it according to the way each one has to get the best out of them. When you have rather narrow lips, they are outlined outside the edge so that they look larger.

While thin lips are going to need some volume, so in addition to the lip liner and filling in the lips with lipstick, one trick is to apply a bit of clear gloss to the center of the upper and lower lip. It seems not, but it usually works out and the lips appear much larger.

Gradient technique

This technique combines two lipsticks of different colors, and for this it is usually blurred from the darkest to the lightest tone and imitates the gradient that is applied to the hair. It is always better that you let yourself be advised by a professional to carry out this technique in order not to leave home with lips of indefinite color.


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