To calm a dry cough you need antitussive syrup, which helps to relieve coughing attacks.  We explain how to make homemade and natural syrup ideal for a cough without phlegm.

Did you know that coughing is actually a defense mechanism of our body? It is extremely useful to help us keep the air in the lungs clean, either in the presence of foreign substances or for the elimination of phlegm or mucus. It also appears as a consequence of irritation and inflammation of our respiratory tract.

Depending on its causes, we can find mainly two types of cough. On the one hand, there is the productive cough, which is one that produces expectoration, produces and secretes phlegm. On the other hand, there is the unproductive cough, which is the one that does not produce expectoration and in which no phlegm or mucus is secreted (and is also known as a dry or irritating cough).

In the particular case of dry cough, it is characterized by being a tremendously annoying type of cough. Why? Mainly because it tends to cause the appearance of annoying and uncomfortable coughing attacks, sometimes very intense; and because it is not usually easily calmed down.

This type of cough occurs when the airways become irritated. Its causes are actually varied. The most common are especially related to inflammation of the larynx or bronchial mucosa (in fact conditions such as laryngitis are one of the disorders that most commonly cause an irritating cough), due to an allergic reaction or due to penetration into the respiratory tract of different foreign bodies.

In these cases, when the irrigative cough is caused by some type of inflammation, other related symptoms also appear, which helps, for example, in its diagnosis. The most common? A sore throat, constant sneezing, and an annoying and uncomfortable throat clearing.

When it comes to relieving a dry cough, the key is to treat the cause that caused its appearance. Thus, for example, if the cause is due to laryngitis, the ideal is to treat it properly using useful drugs in this regard. Of course, in these cases it depends on whether the laryngitis has been caused by a virus or bacteria. In the latter case, antibiotics help in healing (which must always be prescribed by a doctor and taken under his supervision).

The syrups are very useful when it comes to soothe and calm the cough. But we must always know what type of syrup to drink depending on the type of cough we have. And it is that it is not the same to take mucolytic or expectorant syrup that will help us in case of productive cough when it comes to eliminating phlegm, than antitussive syrup especially suitable to relieve irrigative cough that does not produce expectoration.

Precisely for dry coughs, the best syrup is antitussive syrup, which helps to relieve cough when an attack occurs, and which is definitely very useful at night to help us get a good night’s sleep so that the cough does not wake us up.

Remedy to prepare an antitussive syrup to relieve cough

Ingredients needed:

The preparation of this antitussive syrup is extremely simple and easy. For this we need 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds, the juice of a lemon, honey and a cup of water.

Steps to make the antitussive syrup:

First of all we are going to make what is popularly known as linseed water. To do this, put the 3 tablespoons of flax seeds in a cup of water, cover with a napkin and let it rest for a few hours, until you notice that the water has remained like a slug.

Then strain the drink. Now cut the lemon in half, squeeze it and get its juice. Put the lemon juice in a glass, add the flaxseed water and sweeten with honey to taste. Ready! You can take this syrup now.


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