BeautyHow to make a natural depilatory cream

How to make a natural depilatory cream

Do you know that it is possible to learn how to prepare your own depilatory cream? We offer you a wonderful beauty recipe, ideal for making a cream to remove your hair naturally.

Today there are many hair removal methods that can be useful when it comes to getting rid of annoying hair on different parts of the body. From cold wax to hot wax, through the typical and traditional razors, to the most revolutionary hair removal methods, such as pulsed light hair removal devices or electric razors.

But it is also possible to shave differently. For example, opting for a homemade hair removal cream made with one hundred percent natural ingredients in our own home.

In fact, in the following article we will show you how you can make your own natural depilatory cream yourself, without spending a lot of money or time, avoiding excessive prices or a lot of time, so that you can have your optimal hair removal and enjoy the smoothest and most uniform teas. every day.

Sugar-based depilatory wax

In addition to being completely natural and without additives, sugar depilatory wax helps us remove hair, not to mention that it has properties that help promote the health of our skin, apart from that, it is an extremely economical method and does not cause as much pain as others. hair removal methods.

Ingredients for the realization of sugar-based depilatory wax:

To make this depilatory wax, you need to use 2 cups of sugar, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of water, these ingredients are usually found in the comfort of the kitchen and are not very expensive.

Preparation of sugar-based depilatory wax:

The method of preparation is quite simple and easy to do, just put the ingredients in a pot and put them over a moderately high heat, and wait for it to start to boil, constantly stirring the mixture, as soon as you notice that it starts to boil., you should lower the heat and leave for a few minutes until the pasta has the desired texture.

Remember that the paste must be dense and ideal to use as shaving wax, one way to know that it is ready is to see that it has a golden color and not a dark tone, make sure that the time it spends boiling is not more than necessary since the sugar could burn, also do not let it rest in a place that is too cold, since it could harden too much.

This depilatory wax, in addition to being natural and beneficial for your skin, will prevent the appearance of irritation on your skin, bringing several benefits that other depilatory methods will not offer you, whether it is other depilatory waxes, the use of silk thread or disposable razors, with this method you can save money, time and unforeseen events due to poor hair removal.

Experiment with different ingredients for different mixes

This is just one of the many mixtures that can be made when creating a wax for hair removal, there are many other mixtures with which you can experiment, depending on whether they have the necessary properties to fulfill the function of serving for hair removal and also deliver benefits to your skin when using them.

For example, the use of yogurt mixed with soy milk, wheat flour and sesame oil can be a great mix when using it to depilate, giving your skin numerous benefits from its different components, another mix that could be useful could be milk with honey and lemon or also one that combines turmeric with salt, chickpea flour, water, flour, honey and coconut oil.

Given the various natural options when it comes to hair removal, it can be seen that it can be much cheaper and more beneficial than the simple use of shaving waxes, which, in addition to being expensive, can cause pain and mistreat our skin.

As you experiment with different ingredients for the natural blends you make, they will become more and more effective. Experiment until you find your ideal mix for the health, correspondence and aesthetics of your skin.


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