If you have followed a weight loss diet and have achieved the challenge of losing weight, it is likely that now you want to maintain it. But how? We offer you some tips that will be of great help to you.

Not everything is losing weight and losing weight. Once you have known how much you should place your weight at, and you have lost the weight that you should lose by following a weight loss diet, the next thing to do is to maintain the right weight.

Surely on several occasions, after having been losing weight for weeks or months, and especially when you reach that desired number of kilos, you ask yourself “and now how to maintain the weight?” Maintaining it is easy, but yes – of course – you know how. And especially if you have patience and a lot of willpower.

Once you have met the goal of reaching that level of kilos that you needed to keep your physique in line, it is not worth going back to those unhealthy habits that, finally, led us to overweight and obesity.

It cannot be done mainly because of a basic question: what has been the use of having made the tremendous effort to change our lifestyle and have lost weight when then we return to the same habits that caused that excess weight?

When we speak of “unhealthy habits”, we refer for example to the consumption of junk or fast food, sweets and industrial pastries, soft drinks and sugary drinks, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, and the maintenance of unbalanced food.

Basic tips to maintain weight

Continue to maintain a healthy, balanced and varied diet

Even if you’ve reached your target weight, that doesn’t mean you should stop the diet. Of course, you should change it for healthy and healthy habits. That is, the key now is not to continue with the weight loss diet that you previously followed with the goal of losing weight.

Now the important thing is to go from that diet to a healthy and varied diet, which is adequate in terms of the energy and therefore caloric intake that your body needs every day, but without entailing an excess that leads you to gain weight again.

How to get it? The best option is to always have healthy and natural foods: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, pasta, legumes, fish, lean meats and nuts.

Eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet

It is appropriate not to re-incorporate foods rich in fats and sugars that -probably- you consumed before starting the weight loss diet. It is usual that, once the diet is finished, especially because we have lost the weight we needed and wanted to lose, we tend to start consuming foods that were eliminated during the diet again.

The most common? Without a doubt, pastries (such as buns, cakes, biscuits, cookies …), ice creams, junk food (such as pizzas, French fries, hamburgers), battered and fried foods.

It is evident that it is never advisable to add them to the diet and consume them regularly, but it is possible to consume pastries or sweets only once a month, occasionally.

Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

In this case, exactly the same happens as with foods rich in fats and sugars: we tend to eliminate them from our diet, because we know that they are not suitable for our weight or for our health, but then once we finish the regimen we consume them again, sometimes out of control.

Alcoholic beverages contain a large number of calories, which our body, when trying to eliminate significant amounts of alcohol later, causes them to end up being deposited in the form of fat. Not to mention that it is a risk to the health of our liver, the appearance of related disorders being common, such as fatty liveralcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis.

In the case of sugary drinks, especially soft drinks and packaged fruit juices, the same thing usually happens: they contain a high amount of sugar, which in excess tends to be deposited in the form of fat.

Keep practicing regular physical exercise

It is also common that, when we finish a weight loss diet, we begin to forget about physical exercise, despite the fact that we have even picked up the habit and we have practiced it with some regularity.

Obviously, we must continue to stay active and move away from sedentary lifestyle, a complete danger not only for our weight but for our health. Therefore, it is advisable to continue practicing sports every day, at least 40 minutes each time.

Other useful tips

There are also other tips that will be of great help to you. They are as follows:

  • Have 5 meals a day: It is essential, and advisable, to distribute caloric and energy consumption throughout the day, which helps us control anxiety when eating and that our body is constantly burning energy.
  • Don’t obsess over your weight: Anxiety and stress can lead you to overeat and not know how to control yourself. Therefore, do not obsess over your weight and always try to remain calm. A good way is to make your weight management a challenge, but not an obligation.


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