Losing weight can be more or less easy as long as you follow the basic tips and guidelines that, precisely, help when it comes to knowing how to lose weight.

In this regard, there are several basic guidelines to follow, although it is true that – in the vast majority – they are very easy and simple tricks, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain them over time, especially for those people who must lose much more weight.

In any case, we briefly but accurately expose you to those basic tips to know how to lose weight. Take good note, you will see that they are very easy to follow.

How to lose weight:

  • In case your nutritionist has indicated a weight loss diet to follow, try to always keep it on the table and follow his advice.
  • Drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day. You can accompany them with slimming infusions, herbal teas and teas.
  • Practice at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can run, walk, bike or swim. The important thing is that you stay active. Then you can increase that time until you reach 60 minutes, which is the basic time to follow.
  • Follow a healthy diet, which must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stay away from those foods that you know are unhealthy, such as pastries, sweets themselves, excess sugar, alcohol and excessive consumption of fat.
  • Do not forget to consume a lot of fruit, vegetables and greens. In addition to being healthy, if you choose them they can help you reduce your appetite, so you will tend to consume less food than those considered unhealthy.
  • Be patient and trust yourself, maintaining good will and high self-esteem is vital when it comes to losing weight, especially when you follow a weight loss diet.
  • Remember that, in addition to herbal teas and natural drinks, there are also useful  plants to lose weight. You can take them not only in the form of an infusion, but also in convenient capsules.


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