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How to know if your liver is sick

What are the symptoms that indicate the existence of a diseased liver? Finding out its main signs will help you find out if the liver is sick or not.

There are many disorders and pathologies that can make the liver sick. But this organ can not only “get sick” due to the existence of certain diseases (conceived and understood as such), but also due to eating and life habits that are followed with certain regularity. For example, regular alcohol consumption or following a high-fat diet can be two of the biggest enemies of this important organ.

In other words, for the liver to become ill or toxic, it is not necessary to suffer from some of the diseases and pathologies that most commonly affect this organ, such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. Certain habits can influence the appearance of other related disorders, such as fatty liver, which is related both to habitual alcohol consumption and to overweight and obesity. While inflammation of the liver can appear as a result of the regular consumption of certain medications.

Precisely when we speak of a diseased liver, we are not only referring to the presence of a diseased liver due to some pathology or disorder, but also due to its own toxicity.

Signs that indicate the presence of a diseased or toxic liver

Digestive disorders and problems

The liver is one of the organs responsible for digestion, whose main function is to metabolize fats and is part of the detoxification process of our body. Therefore, when the liver is sick, digestive disorders occur.

Among the most common symptoms we can mention above all the appearance of  abdominal distension and swelling that appears after eating. On the other hand, even if the person follows a slimming diet and practices physical exercise, they are not able to lose weight.

Chronic fatigue and/or feeling of being constantly tired

We are facing one of the most common symptoms. When a person has a diseased or overloaded liver, they usually wake up every morning without energy, as if they had not rested at all at night.

For this reason, it is often closely related to chronic fatigue, because until the health of the liver is restored and its different functions are improved, we will always tend to feel tired even despite having rested and slept properly. The feeling of lethargy is very common, which is combined with the appearance of sadness and depression, as we will see below.

Emotional disorders and problems

When our mood varies from one time to another and there are no real causes for this change (such as when we find ourselves sad due to certain life circumstances, worried about some situations that stress us out or seasonal times such as spring or autumn) we must think about the possible existence of liver toxicity.

And did you know that the health of our liver decisively influences our emotional state? For this reason, when the liver is ill, it is usual that, as we indicated above, we feel without energy, more depressed, lethargic and sad.

Transaminase elevation

Those known as transaminases are enzymes that we find in the liver, specifically inside the liver cells that allow our body to transform certain substances.

For this reason, they are useful parameters to discover whether or not the liver is diseased, since high values ​​of transaminases in the blood can be an indication of liver damage or disease.

Remember that it is best to know how to detoxify the liver, and above all try to cleanse the liver at least once a year. They are the best options to restore your health and help you to carry out all your important functions normally. On the other hand, performing a regular blood test is another ideal option to find out if our liver is sick or not.


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