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How to know if you have a tapeworm: these are its symptoms

What are the symptoms of a tapeworm? Although sometimes there are no signs until after a while, we explain what these symptoms are and what they consist of.

With the name of Tania Sodium we find ourselves before a dreaded ribbon-shaped flatworm, which lives in the small intestine of human beings -when the infection occurs- and tends to normally measure between 3 to 4 meters long, although as it grows it can reach 25 meters in length. We are talking about, indeed, the tapeworm, also known medically by the name of tapeworm.

The truth is that although they can be unpleasant, the reality is that in most cases they do not usually cause serious problems. In fact, although it is not a very common infection, when it occurs it is very easy to treat from a medical point of view.

What is tapeworm?

The tapeworm or tapeworm consists of an intestinal parasite. And what is a parasite? Very simply, an organism that lives on or in other organisms, acquiring nutrients from its hosts and sometimes even depriving them of their own nutrition.

It is a flatworm-shaped parasite, made up of segments, which lengthens as it increases in size, adding new segments (annelids) to its body. Each segment is capable of reproducing and manufacturing thousands of eggs, being able to reach 3,000 segments, 25 meters in length and live up to 30 years.

The new segments grow from the head of the parasite itself, so that these new segments tend to move towards the end of the body, until they break off. These old segments, together with their eggs, come out through the faces of the host’s digestive system, and can end up in the water or on the ground if they are not eliminated by maintaining adequate hygienic measures.

What are your causes?

On many occasions tapeworm or tapeworm infection is caused by eating contaminated food, especially after consuming undercooked or raw beef or pork. At the time the attack occurs, the parasite is able to settle in the intestine and grow thanks to the different foods that the affected person consumes.

After 3 months, it is capable of reproducing and begins to release the segments or rings of its body, in turn producing eggs that are moved to the anus.

And your symptoms? How to know if I have it through its signs or signs?

Although in a certain sense it is only possible to know if we have a tapeworm or tapeworm from the observation of the annelids or segments in the feces, in the bed sheets or in the underwear, certain symptoms may appear that alert us to a problem. Or digestive or intestinal condition.

However, the reality is that tapeworm symptoms are rare. In fact, the most common is that the person who presents a tapeworm infection does not feel anything at all or have symptoms, and it may even be months or years after the infection.

In any case, if symptoms appear, the most common are nausea and dizziness, intestinal transit problems with the appearance of diarrhea, abdominal pain and mild cramps, weight loss and changes in appetite.

The most common medical treatment of choice is the prescription of deworming drugs or vermicides, such as could be the case of niclosamide or praziquantel.


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