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How to improve the symptoms of endometriosis with natural tips and nutrition

Symptoms related to endometriosis can be improved and relieved in a completely natural way by following a series of basic natural tips and taking care of your diet.

As we have published in a previous post, the causes why endometriosis develops are not yet clear; however, among the possible causes that could cause it are inadequate nutrition as well as carrying out unhealthy lifestyle habits.

In this post we provide a series of tips indicated to improve as much as possible to suffer the symptoms of this disease. And it is that a healthy and balanced diet plays an important role both in this disease and in the prevention of other diseases.

The diet should be rich in natural plant foods. For example, it is vitally important to consume foods high in phytoestrogens, fiber, calcium and other essential nutrients, as we will learn in the next section, in addition to avoiding or reducing the consumption of other foods or habits.

How to take care of food when you have endometriosis:

It is advisable to opt for the following foods, and also eliminate some others:

  • Eat foods rich in phytoestrogens: spinach, soybeans, flax, alfalfa, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dates, dried apricots, prunes.
  • Consume foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, cereals.
  • Eat foods rich in calcium: nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, vegetables and legumes such as onions, spinach, watercress, chard, broccoli, lentils, garlic, chickpeas, soybeans, milk, and dairy products.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as guavas, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, tangerines, grapefruit, lemon, grapes, green pepper, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach.
  • Consume blue fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Avoid caffeine consumption.

As for natural care, it is very useful and appropriate to follow the following guidelines and advice:

In addition to changing eating habits, doing physical activity on a daily basis generates endorphins so that the pain tends to decrease or disappear.

  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle and overweight.
  • Perform moderate daily exercise, opting for gentle exercises.
  • Don’t use tampons.
  • Adopt comfortable postures to avoid pain during sexual intercourse.
  • If you have pain, applying heat or cold to the areas that hurt can help us relieve the pain.
  • Castor oil is indicated to reduce cramps and spasms in the abdomen caused by endometriosis. To alleviate these discomforts, spread a little of this oil on a compress and put it on the stomach when we have these discomforts.

Nature also puts within our reach a series of medicinal plants and herbs that can be used to improve the symptoms of endometriosis.

Both plants and medicinal herbs must have anti-inflammatory properties, since this property will reduce inflammation as well as pain, they also help regulate hormones.

Useful medicinal plants against endometriosis

  • Evening primrose: this plant is indicated to help relieve the pain of menstruation, as well as to reduce inflammation. We can get evening primrose oil in capsules, it is also known as evening primrose pearls. Evening primrose capsules are taken before menstruation.
  • Ginger: it is indicated to improve nausea, one of the frequent symptoms in endometriosis. With the ginger we will prepare an infusion and for this we will need 3 tablespoons of ginger per cup of water when nausea appears.
  • Rosemary: it is indicated to improve hormonal metabolism, we will prepare an infusion with a handful of flowers and leaves per cup of water and we will take a cup of rosemary once a day.
  • Shepherd’s bag: it is indicated for the case of abundant menstruation, with this plant we will prepare an infusion with a teaspoon of this plant for each cup of water and this infusion is advisable to take it a week before menstruation and throughout that week.

Both plants and medicinal herbs and the oils that we have recommended in this article can be obtained in herbalists, Para pharmacies, pharmacies where natural products are dispensed, in online natural product stores.


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