If you have gotten a tattoo, discover some useful tips to take care of the skin and improve healing, suitable to accelerate healing and for the tattoo to heal well.

Tattoos have become very fashionable in recent years, to the point of becoming an authentic art, without a doubt far from those tattoos that were usually done in the eighties and nineties, and that were not pretty at all. In fact, today it is very common to see great works of art on the skin, and great not precisely because of the size but because of the care and care with which the tattoo artist worked on it.

If you plan to tattoo your skin, it is very important to keep in mind some basic questions or elements beforehand. And it is that tattooing us can become an extremely dangerous task for our health, especially if we do not take care to do it in a safe place and if above all we do not take the most appropriate precautions. Did you know that if we do not get tattooed in a safe place, that follows all the precautions and hygienic and health care required by law, we run the risk of catching infectious diseases as serious as hepatitis or AIDS?

For this reason, it is essential first of all to tattoo our skin in a tattoo shop authorized by the different health authorities, as well as to check for ourselves that the appropriate measures are taken to avoid the spread of infectious diseases: make sure that new and disposable needles are used, that the tattooist washes his hands with antibacterial soap and that he in turn uses disposable latex gloves and that he in turn disinfects work surfaces and cleans them before and after use.

But once we have done the tattoo, it is important to know how we should take care of the skin, to avoid possible infections and help our skin heal better, and as it should properly and correctly.

Tips for skin care after getting a tattoo

After having made a tattoo, it is essential to maintain a series of basic care, since being a wound on our skin it must heal correctly so that the ink is “trapped” inside once it has finished healing completely. In this way we will avoid the discomfort -and the pain- of having to get tattooed again.

Keep the tattoo bandaged and covered for at least the first 24 hours

One of the main recommendations is to try to keep the tattoo covered and bandaged for the first day, especially for at least the first 24 hours. It can be with a bandage or with a large Band-Aid. The goal is to keep the skin well covered and protected from sunlight, dust and bacteria. Of course, you should clean your skin well and wash it conveniently at least two or three times a day.

It is convenient -and better- that it is thick, absorbent and non-stick material. For the rest, as we will see in a next section, it is appropriate to keep the bandage on overnight until the skin heals well, to avoid staining the sheets or blankets in bed while we sleep.

Clean and wash the tattoo several times a day

After 2 or 3 hours of having the tattoo done, it is time to clean and wash the tattoo well to remove the ink that has come out of the skin. To do this you can use neutral soap and warm water, and use your hands to clean the entire area well, removing traces of blood and ink.

Then, once you have finished, pat your skin dry with the help of a gauze pad or a towel. It is very important that the skin is completely dry.

Apply a natural moisturizer or antibiotic

After having removed the bandage and cleaned the skin well, it is time to apply a cream that is as natural as possible. For example, among the tattoo artist sector, a moisturizing cream made precisely by several tattoo artists has become very fashionable, and which stands out for containing only natural ingredients. It is ideal because it helps to hydrate and heal the skin better. You can also opt for Bepanthol, another of the most popular creams because it helps with healing.

On the other hand, antibiotic creams help prevent infections, but should only be advised by the tattoo artist as it can cause reactions. In this sense, in most cases it is enough just to be very careful and clean it well, using only the moisturizer.

Leave the tattoo in the air

It is not advisable to cover or bandage the tattoo after the first few hours have passed after getting it done. Being a wound, it is very important to leave the skin in the open air, very useful to avoid infection by microbes that multiply in poorly oxygenated wounds.

You will see how little by little the tattoo heals and in just a few days it will no longer release blood or ink. Then, in about a month the tattoo will have completely healed.


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