How to eliminate stress? Eliminating stress naturally is possible by following a series of useful advice, tips and tricks to reduce its symptoms little by little until it is completely eliminated.

Although it is true that, as many specialists indicate, stress became a real advantage in ancient times that allowed our ancestors to get away from danger and survive, today the reality is that it has become a real health problem for a lot of people.

In fact, we should only pay attention to the main consequences of stress on health to realize how negatively it can influence our health: cardiovascular problems (high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack, tachycardia…), our defenses decrease against infections, weakness and low mood…

Of course, we should not confuse what is known as post-holiday stress (which appears when the holidays are over, usually summer, and we feel stressed about going back to work or classes), with the daily stress that many people tend to feel every day.

Eliminate stress

When proposing the elimination of stress we must keep in mind and try to find out what causes us stress. In other words, it may be due to the fact that every day we do –or intend to do- so many things that neither our time nor our body gives for more. In these cases, it is common to feel stress, because it is a way that our body has to tell us that we can’t take it anymore and that we need to avoid so much overexertion.

It is also possible that stress appears due to a situation that worries us, either in the present or even due to a future situation that we believe will happen, so that a sensation is generated in our body that activates us, but if we do not control it or we do not solve what worries us, it will end up becoming chronic.

How to eliminate stress:

  • Organize your day to day: it usually helps a lot when the stress is due to the different chores that we do every day, especially when there are many and neither our time nor our body gives for more.
  • Get rid of your worries and negative thoughts: if you feel that the stress you may feel is due to certain worries or even appears due to the continuous or repeated presence of negative thoughts, it is best to solve those worries by dealing with them.
  • Enjoy a good relaxing infusion: relaxing infusions are completely healthy and totally natural drinks that contain benefits and relaxing properties, ideal for when we feel nervous, stressed or anxious. Particularly noteworthy is the infusion of linden, lemon balm, hawthorn and passionflower.
  • Practice relaxation every day: for this it is necessary to learn to relax, although in most cases it is enough to lie down in a comfortable place without external noise or anyone to bother us and try to maintain slow and relaxed breathing. The best? Breathe in for 4-5 seconds and breathe out for the same amount of time, for at least 30 minutes, as you feel your body relax.
  • Seek help: if you feel that you cannot overcome the stress that you may feel every day on your own, it is best to seek psychological help from a specialist who will indicate useful techniques to eliminate stress, while helping you to solve possible problems and concerns that may influence its appearance.


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