Helpful nutrition tips to help you get energized and perform better at work, with simple and easy tricks to follow every day.

Gone are the days of relaxation and endless meals. To face a new workday it is necessary to eat correctly and nourish ourselves with vitamins and minerals that give us energy. In addition, we will need a proper eating routine.

This is why food is so important. And we must not only take care of it, but we must also look at what we eat at all times, since we run the risk that a copious and excessive meal will cause us the opposite of what we expect.

Just when we need energy to do work, it causes slow digestion, heaviness, and fatigue.

Helpful Tips for Eating Better and Performing at Work

Breakfast: complete, varied and important

The first meal of the day should be the highlight. Although it is better to do it at home, many people do not have time to eat breakfast correctly, so it is recommended to have a snack (juice, coffee, fruit) before leaving to have breakfast quietly at work.

This must be complete and very varied. We have to think that the meal is made later and there are still many hours of effort left during the day. Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast is easy. From toast with turkey, cereals, chocolate milk, fruit, nuts, yogurt, to natural juices. The best is a combination of these foods.

The five meals

Doctors and nutritionists recommend eating five times a day to feel better, perform at work and not snack between meals. These meals are breakfast, a mid-morning drink (if you have had breakfast early), lunch, a snack, and dinner. The portions should be smaller, the food being somewhat more generous, and the dinner reduced.

Do not snack between meals

With the five meals, one ensures that they will not snack between meals. This snack is usually counterproductive when craving salty and unhealthy things. Sometimes a snack is unavoidable at work, on such occasions it is better to grab a handful of nuts or a bowl of fruit.

Remember to have a snack

A hard day at work can make us not remember to have a snack. Complying with the 5 meals is essential, since energy is spent, both physical and intellectual, and not having a snack cause’s productivity to be lower. The snacks can be based on bread, fruit, cereals … that is, quite similar to breakfast.

Set schedules and do not skip them

In the same way that you set new resolutions before starting the work course, it is important to establish good healthy habits. The working hours are long and our body suffers.

Eating properly offers many benefits so that work turns out excellent, and this depends on what we eat at home, the planning of the Tuppers that we take to work, the menus we eat in the restaurant, and the hours we spend. In the office.

Avoid animal fats

For some years now, the WHO, the World Health Organization, has advised reducing the consumption of animal fats.

In addition to offering saturated fats that do not contribute anything and make us fat, at work, eating this type of food increases fatigue. Complete, abundant and heavy menus should be avoided and it is advisable to substitute steaks and cold cuts for pasta, salads, rice and turkeys.

Always hydration

Heavy meetings and long hours in front of the computer can cause us to lose the world of sight. It is essential to hydrate properly with frequent sips of water, juices or tea. Coffee and other stimulating drinks should be reduced to the maximum so as not to be more accelerated than normal.

Fruit, vegetables, fish

If we reduce the consumption of meat, we have to increase that of fruit, especially in season. It contains the vitamins that are needed to provide strength while we work. The same happens with vegetables and fish, included in all diets. You can take more than three pieces of fish a week, being an easy food to cook and eat.

To the rich cocoa

Without overdoing it, cocoa is an excellent ally to combat the effort of hours spent in the office. Doctors recommend the consumption of between 25 and 30 grams of chocolate a day.

Among its properties, especially that of pure cocoa, that is to say dark chocolate, is the contribution of energy, the increase in concentration and the secretion of hormones similar to happiness, which give us well-being.

A little chocolate after your meal will help you get through a productive afternoon. Within our diet, cocoa contains magnesium, among other minerals, perfect for the body to function properly.


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