Learn some tips and tricks to drink more water. How much water should we drink per day?  How can we drink more water?

Drinking water is essential for our body. Even more so when we drink the water our body needs each day, which is estimated to be around 8 glasses of water a day.

According to the Iranian doctor, many of the degenerative diseases are the result of  chronic dehydration, since, as is known, water is a liquid capable of regulating all vital functions.

But so that we can benefit from all its effects, according to this doctor (a researcher of the effects of water in the cure of different conditions), it is necessary to drink, at least, between 8 and 6 large glasses of water daily.

Those people who have the particular habit of consuming juices, soft drinks or carbonated waters (instead of water itself) when they are thirsty, should know that these drinks, far from hydrating, contribute to our body lose fluids, since they have compositions that in most cases stimulate diuresis.

How much water should we drink per day?

To know how much water we should ingest per day, we must perform a simple calculation, which simply consists of dividing our weight by 30. For example, if our weight is 70 kilos, we divide this amount by 30, giving us as a final result about 2 liters and medium approximately.

How to drink more water:

  • In particular, we must avoid feeling thirsty, since when we reach this point, the body is feeling dehydration. The advisable thing in this case is to drink to be able to hydrate our body in a correct way.
  • In order to stimulate the desire to drink water, a good advice is to try to place glasses filled with water or bottles that are always at hand. In this way, the fact of seeing them constantly will incite us to drink instinctively.
  • Drinking a glass of water as we wake up is ideal to clear our mind and body, which among other things allows us to start the day with renewed energy.


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