Eliminating Tran’s fats from your diet is advisable to reduce foods or food products with hydrogenated fats that are so unhealthy for health.

It is quite common that many people do not really know what Trans fats are, some fats that, although they do have a vegetable origin, have been hydrogenated to increase their consistency. During this process an isomer called “trans” is formed, which our body is unable to eliminate completely, and from which most of the negative health effects are formed.

Surely you think that, having a plant origin, these types of fats are healthy. But, what if we tell you that you can find them in most industrial pastries that are currently sold in the market, salty snacks such as French fries, precooked foods or some margarines?

There are many effects of Tran’s fats on health, all of them negative. Among the most dangerous, we must highlight the increased risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and delay and maturation in brain growth.

Therefore, foods rich in Trans fats should be restricted from children’s diet, and in adults, their consumption should be reduced or even eliminated.

But eliminating them is not easy, especially if we are used to eating foods such as cookies, non-biological sugary cereals, sliced ​​bread or French fries every week or even every day.

Here are some useful simple tips to reduce your consumption of Tran’s fats.

How to Easily Cut Down on Trans Fat:

One of the main ways to reduce the consumption of Tran’s fat is to voluntarily decrease its consumption in our diet. Although current Spanish legislation prevents and prohibits its sale and distribution in schools, there is no law that prohibits its sale in other places, or its consumption even by adults.

Therefore, it is best simply not to buy this type of food when we go shopping. Or when we are hungry and we are away from home, choose to eat a piece of fruit, before buying a donuts or a bag of chips.

First of all, take good note of the foods that you should reduce or eliminate from your diet:

  • Industrial pastries in general: donuts and buns, cookies, croissants, donuts, sugar or chocolate palm trees, sweets …
  • Salty snacks and appetizers: from fried and / or salty nuts (don’t forget that, although beneficial and healthy, it is best to consume them in their natural form), to fried potatoes.
  • Precooked products: this section includes many products, such as frozen products such as battered fish bars, steaks or battered meats.
  • Some margarines: although manufacturers have been producing margarines without Tran’s fats for years, margarines made from this type of vegetable fats can still be found on the market.
  • Non-organic breakfast cereals: sugary or unsweetened breakfast cereals. It is best to consume whole grains rich in fiber.
  • Sliced ​​bread.
  • Ice cream.

How to Eliminate Trans Fat from Your Diet:

At this point it is best to replace the foods and food products that we have indicated in the previous section with others much healthier, healthier and above all natural.

For example, you can consider the following basic tips:

  • Change the industrial pastries for fresh fruits. They are just as sweet, and above all low in calories and much healthier.
  • Eliminate salty snacks and appetizers. It is better to eat nuts in their natural state, and snacks such as cooked vegetables or olives.
  • Replace precooked products with more natural foods. Avoid buying frozen products and try to make foods as natural as possible, such as fish without coating or already pre-cooked.
  • Eliminate sugary or processed cereals and replace them with whole grains, rich in fiber. In addition to being healthier, being rich in fiber will help you prevent or reduce constipation.
  • Replace sliced ​​bread with regular bread, which is also much fresher and healthier.
  • Industrial ice cream is not the same as the one you can have in an artisan ice cream parlor. In any case, ice creams do not contain Tran’s fats as they are more natural, industrial dairy ice creams do.

Once we follow these basic tips, take note of the following tips:

  • Don’t go to the supermarket hungry.
  • Read the ingredients of the food product you are going to buy if you have questions.
  • Generally, those products made that are not essential have usually been made with vegetable oils. Therefore, reduce these products from your diet.
  • Choose a natural and balanced diet.
  • Avoid that your children eat this type of food. Eliminate the foods that a child most commonly eat, such as cookies or sweets, from their diet and replace them with more fruits.


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