Being afraid of failure is normal, but always suffering it in reality becomes a problem, a difficult wall to overcome. Find out how to beat it easily.

Failure doesn’t have to be tied to something pejorative and bad. In fact, in other countries, like the United States, failure is a good thing that helps you move forward. The degree of experience of a person is measured by the number of failures and achievements they have had, and in job interviews in the US, it is something that usually stands out.

In Spain, it does not happen in the same way, although things seem to change, and more and more people value it as something positive. In any case, the fear of failure paralyzes, both in personal and professional situations, and does not allow us to move forward.

Reasons for fear of failure

There are many and varied reasons that determine that a person has failed. In psychological terms, the fear of failure is called atychiphobia, and it is associated with those people who have accumulated several failures throughout life.

As a consequence, they have low self-esteem to perform various actions, in general, and can develop various mental problems that need to be treated.

Tips to overcome it

Visits to the psychologist

At its most negative point and when people need stimuli to develop, visits to the psychologist are necessary so that the person can overcome this fear of failure that does not let him continue with his life.

Therapy together with exercises so that the person can get out of the well are usually the actions that the specialist usually carries out.

Put a coaching in your life

When people feel somewhat lost but have not yet developed mental problems, then coaching can help better manage their personal life, and especially professional life.

Coaches, a figure that has become fashionable today to designate those specialists in certain subjects who know how to drive people, usually provide the necessary tools to overcome fear.

Clear mind in healthy body

Daily exercise is good for everything. Not only does it allow us to be healthier and reduce weight, but it awakens minds, allows us to be more active to continue with our daily tasks and motivates us to keep going.

Failure as a means to achievement

To overcome the fear of failure it is absolutely necessary to change our perception of this concept. As we have highlighted before, in other cultures, failure is synonymous with learning.

If we see failure as part of the process to achieve achievement and success, fear will go away and goals will be met. It must be defined as something natural that is in life to reconsider and learn to do things differently.

Plan and organize

Without good planning, all types of projects will be meaningless and will not see the light of day. With such actions, the fear of failure also vanishes because it helps us to keep things organized and to anticipate certain elements that can lead us to failure.

Having a correctly planned strategy offers sufficient security to avoid falling into insecurity.

Advantages and positivism

Listing the advantages of any project, be it personal or professional, is one of the keys to moving forward. With this, we will be more motivated to always keep going.

First, it is vital to write down on paper the advantages and reasons why you should continue or start a project. And the rest of the days read it, remember the positive, and keep looking at the paper when you think you are going to faint.

Learn from mistakes

We have already seen that failure is good learning from what we have not done well. Therefore, to face the fear of failure we must also analyze everything that has led us to it; people, actions, times, and also ask for advice from other people who have gone through the same thing to know where and how to act from now on.

Promote skills and values

We are all good at something. So it is about exploiting what we know best to do to gain confidence and transmit it to others. Being an expert in something usually leads to success, praising one’s values ​​is thinking intelligently.


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