Oats are a cereal with many properties. But to enjoy them it is necessary to know how to consume it properly. We explain it to you in this post.

Oatmeal is a wonderful and nutritious cereal, which we usually find in the form of flakes, ready for consumption either for breakfast or a snack, or simply as a snack accompanied by milk, a vegetable drink or juice. It is undoubtedly an excellent food, which in reality should never be lacking in our daily diet.

Why? Very simple: it is a very rich food from a nutritional point of view, which provides our body with a very high content of complex carbohydrates, which provide us with the energy we need slowly, which is why it also stands out for being very satiating. It is also rich in vitamins, among which we can especially mention vitamins of group B (especially B1 and B2 in addition to vitamin E), minerals (such as phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron), amino acids and acids omega-6 fats.

When we consume it, either for breakfast or for a snack, it is possible to do it in two ways: raw or cooked (cooked), since in both options oats become a food that is as nutritious as it is healthy. In other words, both are ideal options to enjoy its nutritional wealth. However, there is no doubt that it is always better to consume raw oats, since they will contain and provide more essential nutrients than cooked oats, which have been subjected to high temperatures that in the end suppose a slight nutritional loss: for example, they are lost especially vitamins, minerals and certain enzymes.

The best option is to consume it raw

There is no doubt, it is true that in terms of texture and flavor, cooked oats tend to be considered better than raw oats, since they are characterized by being somewhat drier and less tasty. Furthermore, when we cook it, it becomes a kind of soft porridge or puree, with a somewhat more pleasant taste than when we eat it in its raw version.

But being an extremely versatile food, it is possible to add raw rolled oats to a cup or bowl with milk or hot vegetable drink, and accompany it with delicious nuts, dried fruits or pieces of fresh fruit. Or even use them to make wonderful and nutritious smoothies. In addition, to improve its flavor, it is ideal to sweeten it with honey or brown whole cane sugar.

Although it is true that from a nutritional point of view, it always tends to be better to consume raw oats, everything will depend on the personal tastes of each one. In short, although cooked oatmeal loses some of its nutritional qualities, it is still a food that is as beneficial as it is rich in nutrients.


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