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How to clean the ears correctly and step by step

Keeping your ears clean is essential, although on many occasions you don’t need to do anything: earwax is removed naturally when you shower

Maintaining proper ear hygiene is essential, not just recommended, as it will help us keep them clean, especially if we know how to do it correctly. What’s more, unlike what you probably think, on many occasions it is not necessary to remove the earwax that exist inside it, since every time we shower and wash our hair or hair, the water and the shampoo help to eliminate it.

Why? Fundamentally because crewmen or wax accumulates inside it, which is a waxy and yellowish substance secreted in the ear canal. Although this earwax is naturally eliminated by our body when it dries and falls out under its own weight, it is best to clean the ears alternately, leaving 2 to 3 days between each cleaning (and not daily).

How to clean the ears? Step by Step

1. When you are in the shower or bath

Given that showering or bathing are the best times of the day to clean your ears (because the skin is moist), it is advisable to carefully wet them.

Then clean the external areas of the auricle, with the help of a fine towel or gauze.

2. Apply a seawater diffuser

They are the most recommended to clean your ears correctly. It is best to keep your head tilted and apply the diffuser, leaving it to act for 1 to 2 minutes inside the ear.

Then bring your head back to its normal position, which will help the seawater flow, bringing with it the softened earwax, which will be absorbed with the help of a cotton pad.

3. Done, you’re done!

What has been as simple as fast, right? Following the 2 steps above will help you save time and hassle.

Of course, remember that it is not advisable to use the cotton swabs to clean the inside of the ears (it should only be used for the outside and never put them in them), it is useful to clean them every 2 or 3 days between each cleaning.

Remember: do not use ear buds to clean them internally

As we have already explained to you on a previous occasion, in what we talked about  Why it is not good to use cotton swabs to clean your ears , it is a risk for our hearing health to use ear sticks to clean them internally, since we can cause lacerations, wounds and in turn increase the risk of infections.

But this is not only here. We can also push earwax inward, leading to the formation of what is medically known as a wax plug, which can cause infections, temporary hearing loss, and other health problems.

If you want to use cotton swabs, it is best to use them only to remove the dirt on the outside of the ears, and never insert them internally.


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