BeautyHow to choose a good bra: the main keys

How to choose a good bra: the main keys

Looking at the size and cup is the key to choosing a good bra, but what else should we look at? Are there health consequences if we do not choose it well?

In the same way that we have established a size for pants or a jacket, there is also one for a bra. It is something that, although it may seem strange, many women do not know because they do not just know what is the bra that suits them.

Well, according to statistical data, seven out of ten Spanish women do not use the correct size and more than 90% say they do not know how it is calculated.

This topic is important, because if we do not have the right size, the breasts can suffer, and therefore, other parts of the body. In addition, for each occasion or opportunity there is a different bra. Playing sports is not the same as opting for a more elegant and sophisticated bra if we have a date. We give you the keys to choose a good bra.

Size issue

It is very important to choose the right bra size. For this we will take into account a series of parameters. On the one hand, we will measure the contour of the back, which determines the number of the size; and the contour of the chest, which indicates the cup. The bra is made up of a number and a letter, the number is the size of the bra and the letter indicates the volume of the cup.

What cup do we need? To find out, it is enough to take the measurement below the chest, and we make the difference between the measurement of the contour and this new figure;  the result indicates the cup we need. For example, if we have a 90 above the nipple and the measurement below the bust is 80. The difference is 10 cm, something that corresponds to cup A. The difference of 15 cm corresponds to cup B, which is 17.5 cm is C and the difference of 20 cm is cup D.

And the size? To choose the right bra size, then we will measure our contour: with a meter, the measurement in centimeters of the chest is taken by the part with the greatest volume, and it can be 85, 90, 95, 100…

It is always better to choose slightly tighter bras, according to our size, so that the chest does not move and remains fixed. If the bra moves or is loose, then the size is not correct.

How should the straps be?

The straps must be adjusted to the size and back of each woman. That is, each one will have a different contour and the straps must be tailored.

The somewhat thin straps can get stuck and cause marks on the skin. Better somewhat thicker straps.

Types of bra

To play sports, to breastfeed, when you are pregnant, every circumstance and stage of life invites you to wear a different bra.

When we play sports, it is necessary to opt for a bra that does not move the chest. You have to think that the breast is not supported by any muscle, only by the Cooper ligaments that are in its upper part. Continuous movement during sport generates pain. Sports bras do not usually have seams, or underwires, they usually have wide upper and lower bands, and also wide straps.

Breastfeeding bras have special characteristics. It is better to seek advice from someone knowledgeable in the subject to choose the best one at the right time.

While breast enhancement bras are very fashionable and in high demand, they should not be abused. In general, comfortable bras with support and a touch of femininity are preferred.

Consequences of not choosing a good bra

70% of breast pain comes from a poor choice of bra. This is just a fact because, in addition, many more problems can arise in the long run as a result of not choosing the right bra.

When the bra is overly tight, there may be skin chafing or fat injury. Back problems are another consequence of having a bra that does not fit the size.


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