Find out what diet you should follow to avoid cavities in a completely natural and simple way, choosing foods that are good for your teeth.

It is true that daily nutrition is one of the main causes of tooth decay, especially if proper oral hygiene is not followed, especially after eating. Although at this point it is not advisable (as was thought so far) to brush our teeth a few minutes after eating, but about half an hour, since in this way we prevent the acid from drinks or sugary or acidic foods from penetrating way deeper into the tooth structure, forming holes and then cavities.

And it is that the diet could also help in the prevention of cavities, especially if we opt for those considered as antiquary’s foods.

First of all, we must highlight those known as detergent foods. They are foods that refer to their natural qualities for cleaning our body; in this case, to mechanically remove food debris on the tooth surface. Fruits such as apples and pears, as well as raw vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumber, carrot, celery and zucchini, cannot be missing from our antiquary’s diet.

Fatty foods stand out, for example, such as cheddar type hard cheese or Swiss cheeses.  Also dark chocolate, which helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the teeth, as well as being rich in magnesium.

We cannot forget about nuts either, highlighting in this sense such healthy and recommended foods such as hazelnuts, almonds or Brazil nuts. All of these nuts actually help prevent tooth decay.

In addition to the most recommended foods against cavities, it is more than evident that we must avoid those that tend to increase the risk of the appearance of this common dental problem. They are foods that are very rich in sugar, such as sweets, sweets and sugary soft drinks.


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