Preventing and avoiding calluses and calluses from appearing on your feet is simple if you know how to achieve it. We explain some very useful tips that will help you.

If you take a look at your toes, or heel, it is quite likely that you will find some hardness or a callus. They become a fairly common condition, extremely normal and habitual. In the case of calluses, for example, they basically consist of an area of ​​the skin in which there is an accumulation of keratin, which is mainly caused by the compaction of inert dead cells belonging to the epidermis.

And why does this compaction occur? They appear especially as a result of repeated and prolonged friction, either by pressure or by friction on the skin. For this reason, they appear on the top or on the side of some of the toes, due to the use of shoes that do not fit well. And so they show up as a thick, hardened area of ​​skin.

Although they may be considered a problem (especially as a purely aesthetic problem), we are actually facing a protective reaction of our skin, since it appears in those areas of our body that have been subjected to excess pressure or friction. Hence, we can not only find them on the feet, but also on the hands, especially in those people who work with them daily (for example, in the case of a carpenter, a bricklayer).

But the use of inappropriate footwear is also one of the common causes, especially when wearing a shoe that is ill-fitting or even too tight. Therefore, depending on the first case or the second, calluses may appear on the sole of the foot, or thickened areas and calluses where some friction has occurred.

Useful tips to avoid the appearance of calluses and calluses on the feet

Wear proper footwear

When it comes to avoiding the appearance of bothersome calluses and calluses on the feet (whether on the heel, on the toes or on the sole of the foot), the use of suitable footwear is essential.

But for the footwear to comply with this basic quality, it is very important that it fits well to the foot, and the use of large shoes that do not fit our size is not advisable.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to wear too tight shoes, since they would also produce friction in certain areas. Therefore, the recommendation is simple: wear shoes that are suitable for our foot size.

Change your shoes more often

If you habitually wear shoes with high heels, either because they are ‘demanded’ at work or because you simply like them a lot, it is advisable to alternate high-heeled shoes with other flat ones. Furthermore, it is best to use lace-up shoes that have much larger horns.

Apply moisturizer or Vaseline

It is very common to worry about taking care of our skin, applying creams and lotions every time we shower daily, but it is also common to forget about our feet, about which we do not tend to worry so much.

However, a useful option to prevent the appearance of calluses and calluses on the feet is to apply a little Vaseline or moisturizing cream all over the foot, after the daily bath.

Every time you shower…

In addition to applying Vaseline or moisturizing cream after each bath or shower, it is also very important to dry your feet well, especially between the toes, since otherwise you will not only favor the formation of corns and calluses, but it will also increase the dryness of the skin.


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