Changing the toothbrush is recommended from time to time, since in this way we ensure that it is in perfect condition. But, every how many months are advisable?

Maintaining good and correct oral health, brushing our teeth regularly throughout the day and avoiding certain foods and food products that, due to their composition and characteristics, become a clear enemy, are always recommended options (yes, remember that it is not recommended do it immediately after meals ). But it is also important to maintain correct hygiene not only in the mouth and teeth, but also in the different utensils and elements that we use for it.

An example is the toothbrush, the most widely used oral hygiene instrument, which is precisely used to clean both the teeth and the gums. They usually have a body or handle that is very useful when using it, with a series of bristles that facilitate cleaning in those areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach normally.

On the best times to brush our teeth, there is some agreement among experts who point out that it is best to brush our teeth with our favorite toothbrush and toothpaste after eating.

But with nuances, given that if, for example, we have consumed acidic or sugary foods (in addition to acidic or sweet drinks), it is best to postpone brushing until about half an hour has passed, since otherwise brushing could remove weakened enamel. By acid and sugars, penetrating deeper into the tooth structure.

The reason is that when we eat or drink something, especially if it is acidic, the pH of our mouth decreases, taking a while to return to normal. Meanwhile, saliva helps us to reduce the level of acidity, which is why it is not appropriate to brush our teeth quickly after eating.

When it comes to the most appropriate use of the toothbrush, it is always advisable to rinse it with water, shake it well and let it dry in the air. And when would it be advisable to change it? It is best to change the toothbrush for a new one when the cells are worn out, which usually happens after about 2 months of use (that is, about 8 weeks or so).


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