Is it true that fruit makes you fat? We will discover how much the fruit makes you fat based on its calories and its fat content.

The fruits are healthy foods that provide our vitamins body, minerals and most of the essential nutrients our body needs to function properly (such as, for example, antioxidants or their high fiber content).

In fact, they become a fundamental food group within a healthy and balanced diet, thanks especially to their richness in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients both for our health in general and for our body in particular.

Let’s not forget that many nutritionists recommend the consumption of between 3 to 5 pieces of fruit every day, since its consumption is essential to enjoy a balanced diet, a healthy diet and ultimately good health.

They generally stand out for being low in calories and with hardly any fat, although it is true that there is a group of fruits that, due to their caloric content, tend to gain more weight than the others. These fruits stand out because their composition provides a greater number of calories, in addition to the fact that their glycemic index tends to vary (as is the case with grapes, for example).

Therefore, when asked how much fruit makes you fat, we must take into account from the outset that fruit makes you fat like any other food: the difference is that the vast majority do not provide so many calories, and stand out above all for their very low fat content. .

How many calories do fruits give us?

To know how much the fruit makes you fat, we can pay special attention to its caloric content:

Avocado 223 kcal (23.3 g of fat)
Apricot 46 kcal
Blueberry 87 kcal
Khaki 64 kcal
Cherry 60 kcal
Custard apple 81 kcal
Red plum 50 kcal
Yellow plum 57 kcal
Clementine’s 45 kcal
Coconut 300 kcal (36 g of fat)
Raspberry 32 kcal
Strawberries 34 kcal
Passion fruit 17 kcal
grenade 72 kcal
Red currant 39 kcal
Cherry 50 kcal
FIG 66 kcal
Kiwi 50 kcal
lime 20 kcal
Lemon 40 kcal
Tangerine 38 kcal
Mango 61 kcal
Apple 52 kcal
Passion fruit 52 kcal
Peach 39 kcal
Cantaloupe 25 kcal
Quince 29 kcal
Blackberries 39 kcal
Orange 45 kcal
Nectarine 44 kcal
Medlar 45 kcal
Papaya 27 kcal
Pear 45 kcal
Pillory 59 kcal
Pineapple 57 kcal
Plantain 82 kcal
Grapefruit 43 kcal
Watermelon 20 kcal
White grape 62 kcal
Muscat grape 70 kcal
Black grape 60 kcal

As we have indicated in the previous table, we can say that the fruits that are most fattening are avocado, banana, coconut and grapes (in the latter case due to its high glycemic index).

What are the fruits that are most fattening?

There are certain fruits whose caloric and fat content is relatively low. Fruits such as apples, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, strawberries, lemons and watermelons stand out in this sense. This means that, for every 100 grams, they contribute only between 40 to 90 calories.

However, if we are faced with the most fattening fruits, we must bear in mind pieces of fruits such as avocadobananacoconut and grapes.

As regards coconut and avocado, they have very few carbohydrates, but nevertheless they do have a high amount of fat, so they become hyper caloric fruits. Although, yes, we must bear in mind that we are faced with healthy fats, so its consumption is always recommended since it helps us to take care of our cardiovascular health.

In the case of grapes, or bananas, they stand out because they are fruits with a high content of carbohydrates, so they provide energy but also a lot of calories.

How to eat the most fattening fruits:

Bearing in mind that obviously there are fruits that are fattening, but above all that all fruits are healthy, the key is not to exceed the consumption of pieces of fruit with some fat content, and to combine their consumption with that of lighter fruits.


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