PregnancyHow many ultrasounds does Social Security perform during pregnancy?

How many ultrasounds does Social Security perform during pregnancy?

Pregnancy ultrasounds in Social Security: how many ultrasounds are done by Social Security in Spain? We reveal the amount and how they are in this article.

When the future mother has a delay in menstruation and the pregnancy has been confirmed thanks to a simple urinalysis, from their doubts arise with the tests and analyzes recommended during the gestation period. Especially if it is a new mother and, in short, it is the first time that she has stayed in condition and has not previously had any more pregnancy or child.

What to do immediately after a positive pregnancy? When should be the first consultation with the gynecologist? How many ultrasounds should be performed? As we can see, there are many questions that may arise not only to the future mother, but also -of course- to the future father.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Medical tests, and in the particular case of ultrasounds during pregnancy, will be guided by the doctor in question and it will be he who determines when they will be necessary, some are mandatory and others are only performed if there is a possibility of malformation or complication. Genetics.

At first, together with the urinalysis, the blood test helps to determine exactly the amount of chorionic gonadotropin that exists in the mother’s blood due to pregnancy, thanks to the amount of the hormone it will be determined in which week the mother is. However, this analysis is not always performed and rather tends to be left to those moments in which there may be doubts (for example, when it is suspected that the woman is pregnant but, nevertheless, since the urine analysis is still early gives negative).

As for the ultrasound that confirms that the embryo is occupying the proper site of the uterus and develops normally, it will be performed later, just when 3 months of gestation are completed, but if you opt for private you can do it with greater security during week 8.

Mandatory Social Security ultrasounds

Depending on whether you monitor the pregnancy through your private gynecologist, it is common that the first ultrasound that the mother must perform is carried out around week 12 of pregnancy.

This ultrasound is very helpful because it will show fetal growth and development. It will be performed vaginally thanks to a probe that will verify that the embryo occupies the uterus, its heartbeat will be heard and the probable date of delivery will be determined.

The second ultrasound performed by Social Security is carried out in the 20th week of gestation, it is a morphological ultrasound, this ultrasound will instead be performed abdominally and all parts of the fetus, its bones, its organs, the amount of fluid can be checked amniotic and its growth in general. This ultrasound is the most anticipated since this test accurately determines the sex of the baby.

The third and last ultrasound is performed between weeks 30 and 34 of pregnancy, occupies the eighth month of pregnancy and it shows the position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid it maintains and the approximate weight of the baby before birth.

However, many moms opt for other ultrasounds during pregnancy, many of them go to the gynecologist as soon as they know they are pregnant, and they can even know the sex of the baby before the 20th week by going to the gynecologist around the 15th week of pregnancy. This is the case of 3D or 4D ultrasounds, which are very useful from the 20th week of pregnancy and which help to see the baby with a higher and better resolution.

At this point, we can establish a summary related to the different ultrasound tests that, in Social Security, most of the Autonomous Communities perform:

  • First ultrasound: around the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • Second ultrasound: around the 20th week of pregnancy.
  • Third ultrasound: around week 30 and 34 of pregnancy.

In any case, you should bear in mind that depending on the Autonomous Community in which you reside, your Health System may have another calendar in which, for example, you will have another ultrasound.



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