Know the consumption of calories that are burned in an hour, exercising or sitting. Which will help you to know the energy consumption of 1 hour in your body.

When it comes to burning calories, there is no doubt that one of the main recommendations given is to maintain a generally active life, in which physical exercise is practiced on a regular basis (that is, at least 3 times a week for half an hour to an hour). And a very good option is known as aerobic exercise, which provides incredible benefits when what you want is to lose weight and reduce the excess fat in your body.

This is essential not only when it comes to losing weight and losing weight, but also to follow a healthy life and take care of your health. And there is no greater enemy to our health than a sedentary lifestyle, since it not only influences being overweight, but also because it can indirectly influence the appearance of other related diseases, such as, for example, it could be the case of diabetes or arterial hypertension, precisely due to lack of physical activity.

On this occasion, below we are going to tell you how many calories are burned in an hour, depending, of course, on the type of activity we are doing at that time. And, did you know that even our body burns calories even though we are not doing any type of physical activity?

How many calories do we burn in an hour of activity?

Depending on the type of physical activity that we are exercising at a certain moment, we can burn more or less calories. And, obviously, when we talk about physical activity we are not referring only to the practice of physical exercise (as we always tend to think), but to any type of activity that requires even minimal effort on the part of our body.

That is, from walking to school or university to shopping, cleaning the house or even just sitting and resting. Because as we will see in the previous section, our body also burns calories even when we are still in a place (even when we sleep).

Type of activity Calories burned
1 hour at rest
(resting or asleep)
60 kcal.
1 hour of sitting activity
(reading, transport, working …)
95 kcal.
1 hour of standing activity
(shopping, working at home …)
120 kcal.
1 hour of light activity
(walking, gymnastics …)
180 kcal.
1 hour of sports activity
(cycling, running, tennis …)
300 kcal. (minimum)

Did you know that our body burns calories without us doing any kind of physical activity?

It is what is medically known as the resting metabolic rate (or resting metabolic rate), and it basically consists of the energy expenditure necessary to maintain the different vital functions of our body during rest. And, curiously, this is what happens, for example, when we practice some type of anaerobic exercise: that activity that requires strength rather than breathing.

It represents approximately 60 to 75% of the total energy that our body consumes each day, and among this percentage, around 10% corresponds to breathing, while physical activity comprises between 15 to 35% depending on of the activity carried out by the person.

Thus, aerobic exercise is the physical activity that burns the most calories, while anaerobic exercise helps us in a tremendously positive way when it comes to strengthening our muscles and joints, avoiding injuries and improving posture.

Why we should not obsess over the calories our body burns per day?

There are those who have an almost obsessive control by counting the calories that are consumed throughout the day, and those that the body also burns daily, either because they are following a weight loss diet, or because they simply want to maintain the weight once. They have lost.

But this is a complete mistake. On the one hand, if we control the calories we consume and burn, it will mean that we will not be enjoying what we do every day. That is, we will not enjoy the plate of food in front of us and we will enjoy it with pleasure, but we will be seeing it in the form of caloric content.

In addition, we will not be enjoying our time of physical exercise (which should serve as relaxing and de-stressing), because we see it as a way to lose weight and burn calories, and not as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy better health.

Therefore, the key is not to look at the calories we eat and burn, but to maintain a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible, based on following a diet that is as varied, healthy and balanced as possible. And in the regular practice of our favorite physical exercise, either for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

If you want to continue reading, know and discover how many calories a day your body needs each day.



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