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How long does the flu last?

How many days does the flu last? Find out how long is the usual period of duration of one of the most common contagious diseases, so common during the autumn and winter months.

The truth is that both during the autumn and winter months (in short, during the coldest months of the year), the cases of contagion of flu and colds increase considerably, mainly because this type of virus tends to survive better in cooler and wetter seasons. For this reason, they are not so common during the summer months, when the heat is intense, although it is true that we can find some cases of colds in summer.

In the case of flu that appears in the autumn or winter months, we must refer to what is known as seasonal flu, which is the one that appears during this time of year. As you surely know, it consists of a common contagious disease that appears in temperate regions in those months. A seasonal epidemic occurs, causing this disease to recur every year during the fall and winter seasons in temperate regions.

Although we could say that the flu cannot be avoided once the infection occurs, it is possible to prevent it. How? Very simple: following a healthy and healthy lifestyle to keep your defenses in shape, wash your hands regularly (learn more about how to wash your hands to eliminate germs) and cover your mouth or nose whenever you are going to cough or sneeze.

But when the first symptoms of the flu appear, there is really little we can do, since with or without medical treatment, the truth is that this contagious disease lasts the same time.  We must remember at this point what its most common symptoms are: sudden onset of high fever, dry cough, muscle and joint pain, abundant secretion of mucus, sore throat, headache and general discomfort throughout the body.

How long does flu last?

First of all, we must bear in mind that the duration and intensity of flu depend on several circumstances: the strain of the virus, how your immune system is, your general state of health and your age.

As a general rule, the flu tends to last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  The most common is that it lasts about 7 days, more specifically between 4 to 10 days, since the symptoms begin until they decrease and disappear little by little.

Contrary to what is mistakenly thought, currently existing medical treatments do not shorten the duration of the flu, but are only useful in relieving its most bothersome symptoms (such as general malaise and muscle pain). , mucus, and sore throat). Also, remember not to self-medicate, since this way you will only make the infection stronger in the future.

However, there are some natural tips that can also help you cope better with the symptoms, and even protect your health more.

Natural tips for the flu

  • Get plenty of rest: it is essential and essential to maintain adequate rest, and it is not advisable to force our body, since the flu usually weakens us a lot.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: this way you will help your body to eliminate the infection more effectively through urine. You can opt for water, natural juices and infusions.
  • Chicken soup: did you know that chicken soup is very beneficial for the flu? It helps control the activity of neutrophils, which is why it is an ideal dish when we have a cold.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C: oranges, kiwi, pineapple and peppers stand out above all for their high content of vitamin C. Although it is known that vitamin C does not prevent colds or the flu, it does know that it helps to reduce their symptoms and shorten their duration.
  • Do not dress too much when you are at home: when you rest at home, avoid dressing too much, especially if you have a fever. Remember that in these cases your body needs to cool down better.


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