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Home remedies for toothache relief

Toothache can be relieved naturally by opting for home and natural remedies such as parsley, onion, and lemon juice. Find out more.

There is nothing more painful, annoying and uncomfortable than a toothache. Although in many cases it does not imply anything serious, it is one of the most annoying conditions that can be had. In most cases the pain is permanent and severe; and in some cases it even increases with the passing of the hours.

If you have a toothache, it is best to go to the dentist’s office. However, you are not always treated immediately, so one needs to alleviate the pain in some way.

If you don’t want to fill your body with chemicals with medications, there is a wide range of home remedies that you can prepare with ingredients that are in the kitchen and that relieve pain significantly.

6 useful natural remedies against toothache


The parsley is one of the simplest and effective remedies to relieve toothache. A 100% natural ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties, so that it reduces inflammation of the teeth, thus reducing pain in the area.

To take it, you can chew a little fresh parsley several times a day. Or, if one does not like too much to take parsley as such, it is feasible to prepare an infusion with this ingredient and take it little by little, in small sips.

Black tea

A remedy that works wonders for toothache relief. And is that black tea contains tannic acid, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

This remedy can be done in two ways: The first is to bring water to boil, insert the black tea bag, let it rest for 5 minutes and then place the bag directly on the painful area. And, the second is to drink the infusion of black tea. Of course, if the pain is very great, you can drink black tea and use the bag to place it on the tooth area.


The cloves are 100% natural ingredient you can find in health food stores. They are one of the remedies that work best to significantly relieve toothache because cloves contain eugenic, a substance with sedative properties.

This remedy is very simple. You simply have to put the mouthwash that you normally use in a glass and add 5 cloves in it. Let it sit for 5 minutes and then gargle with the rinse. You can do it 3 times a day.


If the toothache is caused by an infection, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best home remedies; In addition, it improves bad breath.

You just have to soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly to the aching tooth. If you prefer, you can also prepare a mouthwash with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of water.

Lemon juice

One of the cheapest and most effective remedies if you have a toothache. Lemon is a fruit with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties; In addition to relieving toothache, it also prevents infections in the area.

To prepare this remedy you simply have to squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply it directly to the affected area. You can also put the juice of a lemon in a glass with a little salt and gargle for a few seconds.


Onion works wonders as a natural ingredient to relieve toothaches. The juice released by the onion has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is a 100% recommended option.

You simply have to cut a small piece of onion and place it directly on the tooth that hurts; and squeeze a little to release its juice.

There are many home remedies for toothache relief. All of the above are very effective;  which one to choose basically depends on the ingredients you have at home and your own tastes and preferences.

It must be borne in mind that they are remedies that are simply good for that: relieve pain. In no case are they definitive solutions; if you have a toothache, it is best to go to the dentist to assess your case and give you the most appropriate treatment.


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