It is a very common disease, popularly known by the name of fevers. Learn about the symptoms of cold sore, its causes, how to prevent it and the most useful treatment.

Although it is popularly known by the name of fever, the truth is that we are actually facing a more common condition than you think:  cold sores. As you probably know, herpes is caused by infection with a virus, which tends to cause some symptoms in almost everyone at some point in their lives.

This is because many people have this virus, but originally it remains inactive for life.  However, in other people it usually appears only once, or it appears frequently. It is believed that, in fact, when the virus causes any symptoms it is due to the existence of a weaker immune system (for example, after having had an illness).

In fact, many experts agree that not only a lowering of the defenses influences. It can also be due to stress and anxiety, as well as even excessive sun exposure.

The contagion with this virus usually takes place mainly in the infantile or juvenile stage.  For example, it is very common for contagion to occur by kissing someone with the virus, or by sharing a glass.

What is cold sore?

As far as herpes is concerned, it is usual for the so-called cold sore to appear on the lips, also known as a fever.

It is a tremendously common disease caused by the herpes simplex virus type I. It is common for the initial infection by this virus to be asymptomatic, or cause the appearance of ulcers that are located on the oral mucosa. Then the virus tends to remain “inactive” or “cannonaded” in the tissue of the different nerves of the face.

And its name, precisely, is due to the annoying and uncomfortable symptoms it produces, since it is common to feel swelling, burning and burning in the area where the blisters have appeared.

Symptoms of cold sores

Knowing the symptoms of fever, as well as the most effective treatment, is the most appropriate option to identify them without problems.

Cold sores present the following symptoms:

  • They usually appear around the lips or mouth.
  • It can also appear within the oral cavity.
  • burning and swelling
  • After 1 or 2 days painful vesicles or blisters appear.

Treatment of cold sore

The treatment for cold sores what helps is to relieve the different symptoms that usually appear.

Generally, the doctor will prescribe a corticosteroid-based ointment. Of course, remember that self-medication is never recommended.

It is recommended that you always keep the area and lips very clean, applying soap and water from time to time. You should also wash your hands well very often.

Vaseline or cocoa cream will help moisturize the area and relieve itching.

Can it be spread or transmitted? How can it be prevented?

You should know that the herpes virus is very contagious. Direct contagion is very common, for example, through the use of different elements that have been used by the affected person (and who at that time has physical symptoms of the condition -blisters-).

Among these elements we can mention some extremely common such as glasses or cups, cutlery, plates and even towels.

Therefore, basic prevention consists of avoiding this type of utensils and elements when the affected person has symptoms that can be observed with the naked eye, since this is when the contagion tends to be more direct and precise.


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