Enjoying healthy teeth is vital to be able to have healthy and healthy teeth, since tooth decay is closely related to diet, and to be more specific, with the so-called Western diet (rich in saturated fat and sugars).

Of course, it must be taken into account that food does not tend to cause tooth decay by itself as is mistakenly thought, but rather stimulates its formation.

This is possible thanks to the fact that our daily diet can cause the growth of various microbes that cause cavities, and that tend to be more active when our dental pH is acidic. Something that happens especially when carbohydrates ferment producing various types of acids.

How to enjoy healthy teeth:

In order to have healthy teeth, it is vital to take into account some basic tips that are especially related to what to eat or not to eat to take care of them.

In this regard, for example, it should be known that any starch or carbohydrate (pasta, flour, etc.) can ferment in the mouth, but fast-absorbing carbohydrates or sugars that have a sweeter taste due to processing are the greatest. “Producers” of cavities.

To avoid consuming so much sugar, you can opt for sweeteners, which prevent or reduce tooth decay. However, there may be other health implications, since it is best to do without or reduce the consumption of sweet foods. Honey can be a good alternative, as long as it is not abused.

Among the sugars that cause the most cavities, we find sugars in liquid or viscous form, such as sweetened fruit juices or nectars, jellies, children’s sweets, or a candy.

However, foods such as apple, celery or carrot, as well as calcium are very good for dental health, and to enjoy healthy teeth. As it is recently believed thanks to various studies carried out, cheese could have a protective effect on cavities.

Be careful with itching between meals: our teeth can suffer

There are times when we cannot avoid the temptation to snack between meals, especially a sweet food. It is very likely that we only tend to consume that food, but it is proven that if we consume these same sugars during the three main meals of the day, the risk of cavities is reduced.

For this reason, experts recommend brushing the wedding after each meal, especially in those foods that contain fermentable sugars, in order to return the dental pH to its normal values.


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