Be careful with potatoes that have green or greenish areas, as they contain solanine, a toxic substance for our body and for our health.

The potatoes are some foods that are characterized mainly for being one of the most consumed, not only for its nutritional richness, but for his great versatility when developing an interesting variety of recipes and the less delicious.

In the section dedicated to its nutritional contribution, we find that they are especially rich in complex carbohydrates, so that it is a useful food to keep blood sugar levels at bay, by gradually providing energy. Did you know that it is also rich in vitamin C? It also provides potassium, a useful mineral when it comes to controlling hypertension.

Taking a look at our seasonal food calendar, depending on the type of potatoes that is going to be consumed, we can find it at one time or another. Thus, for example, while the new potato season includes the months of March, April and May, we will find the old potato especially in the months of October and November.

When preparing them for cooking, surely in their shoots or even in some parts of the potato you will have found a striking green color. It is somalin, a substance that the potato manufactures to defend itself against fungi and insects.

Although it is a substance that is not very dangerous for our body, it can become intoxicated.

Therefore, although it is true that when potatoes are marketed their solanine levels are controlled, as a precaution it is best to eliminate these green areas well when preparing them. In case you are going to eat them outside the home, it is not advisable to consume them with their skin already cooked if they present this greenish tone.


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