The gastronomy of India is a wonderful cuisine full of simply delicious aromatic and spicy dishes. We discover 4 of those essential dishes in your kitchen.

The Indian cuisine has also become one of the most consumed in every corner of the world. This is because they offer a wide range of very different dishes and flavors that adapt to the palates of each person.

And you? Have you never tried Indian food because you think that it is only extremely spicy food? Well, it is time for you to remove these prejudices and that is why we have prepared you in this article in which we will go through some of the main dishes of Indian food and that also have innumerable benefits for our health.

Dhal shaped lentils

One of the quintessential and most favorite dishes by the Indians. It is a kind of sauce made with lentils, chopped onion and cumin to which you can add all kinds of very varied spices such as ground red pepper, cinnamon or coriander.

This way you get a really delicious explosion of flavors that can be prepared very easily at home.

It is one of the most digestive dishes that we can find in this type of gastronomy, so it can be consumed a couple of times a week without problem. And obviously it is a great source of vitamins of type B and C along with its high content of iron, an ingredient found in lentils that helps us enjoy a stronger immune system.

Palak Paneer Shaped Spinach

The spinach are also one of the basic pillars on which rests Indian cuisine. This vegetable is usually prepared in very different and original ways that even those who are reluctant to eat spinach will like it.

Like the previous dish, you can also prepare this palak paneer as a sauce by adding finely chopped onion and red tomato. You can also add a little cumin, paprika and dried coriander afterwards.

And to give it the final touch, there should be some good goat cheese taquitos that can be melted in this hot mixture to achieve an explosion of flavors on your palate with which you will suck your fingers.

Tandoori chicken

Now we turn our gaze a little more towards the meat. On this occasion, we can tell you about the delicious “Tandoori Chicken”. This dish is a great source of proteins that are also very necessary for our body.

And the good thing is that his recipe is the easiest to make. It is only necessary to marinate a couple of chicken fillets well for twelve hours in a sauce made with lime juice, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and yogurt.

Next, you have to put all this in the oven for about 20-30 minutes over low heat so that everything cooks well. Easy, simple and for the whole family. Without a doubt one of the richest and tastiest Indian dishes that exist.

Prawn curry

Curry is the quintessential spice in any self-respecting Indian dish. In fact, it is usually prepared as a sauce to accompany both meats in the form of chicken or lamb.

Although for this occasion we are going to present you a very special recipe. Now we refer to the rich curry made with prawns and that will surely delight anyone who deigns to try it.

To do this, you have to prepare a good stir-fry made with butter, garlic, ginger, followed by large amounts of curry and coconut milk. To finish, take about 200 grams of peeled prawns to let them simmer for a couple of minutes. And long live the flavor!


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