A few hours ago we were able to find out what constipation was, knowing that it is a problem that is increasing due to the daily lifestyle we have, and that it fundamentally consists of the retention of fecal matter, beyond the physiological time of evacuation, which tends to be up to 48 hours, or at least three times a week.

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We also learned about some of the causes and consequences of constipation (at least the most important), knowing that issues such as stress, eating quickly, fast or badly, sedentary lifestyle, drinking little water a day or consuming a diet low in fiber, are some of the problems that help the onset of constipation.

However, constipation can be improved and even corrected from the diet that we follow, since there are foods that help against constipation, in such a way that they increase bowel movement, thus favoring evacuation.

Good foods against constipation

  • The fruit helps a lot against constipation, although it is best to take them with their skin, raw, whole and not very ripe. For example, in these cases it is best to opt for kiwis, strawberries, oranges, pears and plums, although if you like apples a lot, even though they are astringent they can be eaten cooked. Remember to incorporate at least two or three servings of fruit into your diet each day.
  • The vegetables are also very good, and it is always better to consume raw, egb in salads or cooked. Remember to consume two to three servings a day.
  • The nuts and legumes are also very good against constipation.
  • Yogurt or other acidified dairy products can be beneficial against constipation, as they have the special property of stimulating bowel movement and improving intestinal secretions.
  • Oils can also be good, as they have a lubricating effect that promotes bowel movement.  Of course, the best option is to always opt for virgin olive oil, since in the diet the fat intake must be mainly monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Liquids, either hot or cold, can be of great help. Of course, do not forget to drink a minimum of two liters of water a day.


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