Foods that provide energy and are beneficial against fatigue, thanks to the fact that they are rich in vitamins and minerals ideal in case of fatigue, convalescence or tiredness.

It is usual that during a change of season, and especially a few days after it has occurred, we tend to feel much more tired, apathetic and unwilling to do anything.

This situation usually occurs especially with the arrival of autumn, since the change of season usually gives rise to what is known as autumn depression, since it is difficult for our body to get used to the change of time, the arrival of cold and the decrease in light solar.

Luckily, the diet and the foods we eat every day can be very useful (a clear example is the different foods against autumn depression), especially if we choose the best foods against fatigue, thanks to the fact that they provide us with energy and nutrients. Ideal essentials to improve our mood while reducing fatigue.

High protein foods

The protein – rich foods become the best options for reducing fatigue as bring dynamism and promote the proper functioning of our body.

Foods such as meat, eggs and fish stand out above all; all of them as healthy as they are nutritious.

Adequate vitamins

Although following a balanced diet is always the best option to provide our body with the different essential nutrients that we need every day to function properly, we must pay special attention to certain vitamins:

  • Vitamin C: it is useful to help our body when it comes to fighting fatigue, while it is adequate to prevent infections and diseases. The best? Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C (you can learn more in our note on foods rich in vitamin C).
  • Group B vitamins: actively participate in our nervous system, being well known for improving mood and fatigue in convalescent people.

The best foods that give energy

  • Animal products: such as meat, fish or eggs, especially rich in protein and essential nutrients.
  • Legumes: like lentils, ideal because they are a source of slowly absorbed energy (ideal for preventing weight gain).
  • Nuts: they actually become a great source of energy, which in addition to being positive against fatigue provide incredible benefits and properties.


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