Beach days can be days of enjoyment and fun, but what to eat when we go to the beach? Healthy tips if you prefer sandwiches and snacks.

With the arrival of spring (be careful with spring allergies), Good weather also arrives, and with it the desire to not wait for summer and enjoy, for example, a good day at the beach.

As happens in most occasions when, for example, we enjoy a picnic or a beach day, sometimes we tend to eat anything and that’s it, especially so as not to waste time in the sun.

This cannot be harmful as long as it is not done daily, although if you are following a weight loss diet or simply worry about taking care of your figure, you can take a series of guidelines or tips to know what to eat on beach days.

Be careful with the sandwiches…

Many times we opt for the simplest: make a delicious sandwich or a sandwich. As we have mentioned many times, this is not harmful at all, but the main precaution that must be taken is knowing how to choose the filling, and what we use as a dressing (olive oil, tomato sauce, mayonnaise).

Of course, there is an increasing number of nutritionists who coincide in pointing to sliced ​​bread (the food usually used for the preparation of sandwiches) as one more element that could be characterized as pastries, not being as adequate or healthy as it is thought, not only because of the ingredients that tend to be used in its preparation, but also because of its caloric and sugar content.

Regarding the filling with which we will prepare the sandwiches, we must indicate that the best choices are to opt for those foods low in calories, such as chicken breast, turkey or lean cooked ham, or vegetables such as slices fine of tomato, lettuce leaves or onion rings.

It’s always best to go for low-calorie dressings, such as light mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, or light white cheese spread.

Of course, when it comes to bread, we can preferably choose wholemeal or bran, although in case we do not like this type of bread or do not have it on hand, a good choice is also to opt for sliced ​​bread.

And with sliced ​​bread

If you think that sliced ​​bread is a healthy food to include in your daily breakfasts and snacks, we must tell you that you are probably wrong. In fact, as we briefly indicated in the previous lines, more and more nutritionists call it pastries. Why?

Mainly because of its high caloric content and because it contains ingredients that are not as suitable as we might think at first.

On average, a slice of sliced ​​bread tends to provide about 99 kcal, divided into 1.1 grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates (of which 3.2 grams sugar), and 0.47 grams of salt ( which would be equivalent to 8% of the daily reference intake for an average adult).

Not to mention the ingredients that are usually used for its preparation, which in many cases are not healthy at all: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oils (in most cases refined, such as refined sunflower oil ), a large number of additives (emulsifiers and preservatives) …

Therefore, when it comes to making a lunch or a snack to go to the beach or the pool, especially if what we want are sandwiches, it is to substitute sliced ​​bread for ordinary bread. But not just any bread: we should discard white bread and choose breads made with whole wheat flour.


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