We discover 5 foods and 1 natural drink ideal against sadness and fatigue, helping us to raise our mood and improve our mood.

There is no doubt that autumn is characterized by being a very particular season, usually known for the appearance of autumn depression (a condition also known as autumnal asthenia) precisely shortly after the change of season and time, and whose symptoms more characteristic are the feeling of sadness, apathy, melancholy or nostalgia and little desire to do anything.

Although this specific depression tends to disappear with the passing of the weeks, it is true that the diet that we follow on those days is essential, especially if we take into account that there are certain foods whose nutritional wealth in both certain vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, help lift our spirits.

Hence, it is always very important to follow a healthy lifestyle, combining following a healthy, varied and balanced diet with the practice of physical exercise. And it is that sport, or maintaining a regular physical activity, also helps to raise our spirits, since it is useful for us to feel much better about ourselves.

The best foods to elevate our mood

  • Whole wheat bread: it is recommended to eat it for breakfast, since it is extremely rich in complex carbohydrates, essential to stimulate the production of serotonin (a neurotransmitter responsible for producing well-being in our body).
  • Chocolate: helps to promote the release of endorphins in our body, responsible for giving our body a state of pleasure and well-being. Of course, due to its caloric content, it is advisable to eat only one serving of dark chocolate a day.
  • Fruits: bananas stand out mainly (for their richness in potassium and for promoting the release of endorphins) and apples, rich in vitamin B9 or folic acid.
  • Vegetables and greens: such as broccoli or spinach, especially rich in folic acid.
  • Fish: such as salmon, cod or tuna, especially rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps us lift our spirits while taking care of the health of our cardiovascular system.

And, finally, although it is not a food in itself but a natural drink, we must highlight milk, which is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps serotonin be metabolized much faster by our body.


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