Nutrition and DietFish against arthritis and benefits for joint pain

Fish against arthritis and benefits for joint pain

Did you know that fish can be good against arthritis? According to a recent study, it helps the body against joint inflammation. Find out.

The arthritis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the joints of the body. Among the clearest symptoms of this condition suffered especially by elderly people, it is worth highlighting intense pain caused by all the swelling that usually appears in any of the extremities.

Among the symptoms present more generally, we find pain, limited movement and swelling. In this sense, the body itself tries to repair these injuries by producing growth on the edges of these joints, which cause stiffness and are painful.

To all this we must add that during arthritis, great difficulty can arise in moving some joints. Among the causes that cause this disease, we will make special mention of the following:

  • Obesity. A life of the most sedentary and based on a diet rich in saturated fats and sugars, will eventually cause the person to gain obesity. And because of this, all the joints will have to bear an excess weight that can have a most negative effect, causing them to gradually deteriorate over time. Especially on the knees.
  • Muscles too weak. Some viruses or congenital diseases may progressively weaken some muscles in the body. And of course, at the minimum excess load, the joint gradually weakens until it deteriorates or breaks completely.
  • Excessive repetition of certain exercises. It is quite normal that certain athletes can suffer from arthritis. Many of them, due to ignorance or simply due to past injuries, begin to repeat certain movements that can have the most negative repercussions on their joints.

Benefits of fish to consider

As many of you will know, fish is one of the most essential food for a healthy and balanced diet in every way. Hence, their role is very important to improve quality of life. Although we must also add fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates from time to time.

Once this is known, we are going to continue investigating all the benefits that fish provides in general so that you realize the importance of consuming it:

Very rich in vitamin A and D

Fish is one of the foods with the highest vitamin A content on the market. This component is above all a powerful antioxidant, so its consumption is vital to strengthen all our defenses, avoid cardiovascular diseases and improve the nervous system.

For its part, vitamin D is really beneficial for improving the health of our bones and teeth.

A great source of minerals

Did you know that this food also contains all kinds of minerals such as calcium, fluoride, iodine and magnesium that are essential to lead a healthy life? All of them are essential to protect our body and give us extra energy to face the day.

And in addition, many of them allow you to enjoy better mental health by preventing  stress or depression.

High unsaturated fat content

Any piece of fish that we eat is also a rich source of what is known as “unsaturated fats”.  Unlike saturated foods, this component helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. And therefore, it is a food to take into account for all those who have it high.

It can help prevent some cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, caused by the accumulation of cholesterol in the veins and arteries.

Why is fish beneficial for treating arthritis?

It has recently been shown that the consumption of fish is closely linked to the reduction of the symptoms caused by arthritis. The reason? Well, because the Omega 3 fatty acid helps to get rid of the swelling and deterioration that appear in the joints.

This is due to prostaglandin, a substance that has a most positive effect on the repair of tissues so that they grow back much stronger and more resistant. Among the fish with the highest Omega 3 index, include sardines, mackerel, swordfish or herring.


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