Lose WeightExcesses at the table: tricks to avoid them easily

Excesses at the table: tricks to avoid them easily

Have you ever overeat? If so, it is likely that you have felt its annoying and painful symptoms. Discover some simple tricks to avoid it easily.

Committing excesses at the table is very common, being even more common at certain times and times of the year. During the Christmas holidays it is considered almost as a normal “problem”, especially during the traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, which, incidentally, usually has negative consequences for our health, especially when we are not able to control what we eat.

In fact, it is estimated that, during the Christmas holidays, we tend to eat between 30% to 50% more of the calories that our body needs, so these will end up accumulating in the form of fat.

The same thing happens at other times of the year. For example, during a certain celebration (at a wedding, birthday), or when we meet for lunch or dinner with friends, family or colleagues. Although there are also those who commit these excesses much more routinely, so that such excesses usually pose an even greater risk to health, especially for the line and excess weight.

What health risks can overeating bring?

It is quite likely that you think that when we talk about the health risks of eating excessively, we are referring only to our weight. That is, a certain excess, especially if it is repeated routinely, can lead to excess weight, and with it the risk of overweight and obesity.

While it is true that this is indeed the case, it is not the only consequence that the excesses of binge eating can have on our health.

Did you know that an excessive binge can cause indigestion (the dreaded and painful dyspepsia), indigestion, nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, and even esophagitis as a result of reflux or heartburn? Furthermore, the risk is even greater if we add an excess of alcohol to the binge.

What can we do to avoid overeating? Some simple tips and tricks to help you?

Be aware of what you eat at all times

The key is in moderation, and above all, in being fully aware of what we eat at all times.  Thus, if we find ourselves at a table full of succulent food and we find ourselves enjoying a moment of leisure in the company of family and friends, it is essential to take into account what we are going to eat, and to be fair about what we eat.

Avoid filling your plate, and also repeat

Although in a pleasant chat while we eat it can be difficult to control ourselves, especially if the table is full of dishes and recipes that we love, there are some tricks that can be very useful. For example: if you are going to try several recipes, it is useful to place only small amounts of them on the plate, and never fill it completely. Also, you should avoid repeating.

In short, it is better to stay a little hungry than to feel satiated and full, since we will run the risk of going overboard more easily.

Eat slowly and chew your food well

On the other hand, it is essential to give our stomach time to send the signals to our brain that we are satiated, and that therefore, we do not have any more appetite. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always try to eat slowly and without haste. In this way we will not only avoid overeating, but by eating slowly we will be able to mix and grind the food better in the mouth, so that digestion will be much easier.

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Consuming alcohol, even in small amounts, has a negative effect not only on our health, but on our digestion. It can, for example, cause heartburn and other related problems. Therefore, we must avoid alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol beverages such as beer or wine.

Do physical exercise, always

Regardless of whether we have eaten excessively or not, we should always practice physical exercise regularly and routinely. Obviously, it is not advisable to start running after a big binge, but we can still enjoy a moment of chatting while walking or walking after having eaten.

Likewise, maintaining regular physical activity is of the utmost importance, always. What is the most recommendable? Practice some type of aerobic exercise (for example, walking, running, swimming or cycling) at least 3 times a week, for 60 minutes each time.


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