Eucalyptus honey is a type of honey from bees that suck on eucalyptus flowers. It is a natural product full of benefits and properties, both medicinal and healing.  Discover the most important and prominent.

As you surely know, honey is the food produced by bees based on the nectar that they extract from flowers. The process of making any type of natural honey occurs inside the bee’s body, in which the nectar is condensed through the action of kneading the product and a certain series of ferments. In this sense, today – and for many years now – it is possible to enjoy a great diversity of honeys as natural as they are wonderful, not only in terms of their delicious and delicate flavor but also for their different curative and medicinal qualities.

Regarding the most important benefits of honey, we can mention above all its nutritional qualities, such as its richness in vitamins such as A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6; and in minerals and trace elements such as copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, manganese and sodium. Regarding its healing qualities and its health properties, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, being useful to calm both pain and swelling. It is also a food that improves digestion and promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium, while helping to regulate intestinal transit. On the other hand, it is also very suitable against the flu, since: it helps to relieve a sore throat and calm coughs, provides antimicrobial qualities and is also an excellent antiviral antioxidant.

What is eucalyptus honey?

What is known as eucalyptus honey is the honey produced by bees when they suck from the eucalyptus flowers. It is a genus of trees belonging to the Myrtaceae family, mostly native to Australia, which can reach more than 60 meters in height.

Its outer bark is light brown with gray or brownish spots, with elongated bluish-green leaves, which contain an essential oil whose aroma and balsamic smell is certainly characteristic.

Eucalyptus honey has a generally dark color, with a very aromatic balsamic scent, the definitive hallmark of any eucalyptus product, and with a strong slightly woody flavor.

Eucalyptus honey benefits

Ideal for colds and flu

As with most honeys, but especially in particular with this type of honey, eucalyptus honey is ideal in cases of colds and flu, thanks to the fact that it provides a very interesting antiviral and antimicrobial antioxidant action to strengthen the system. Immune system in a completely natural way.

Consuming a couple of tablespoons of this honey a day will help relieve the most common symptoms of flu and colds.

Acts against respiratory diseases

Due to its qualities against flu and colds, eucalyptus honey is extremely interesting to alleviate any disease of the respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, cough, pharyngitis (so common when there is a cold or flu), asthma or sinusitis.

In addition, it is very useful as a natural expectorant, helping to relieve nasal congestion and excess mucus.

Excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory against urinary tract problems

Eucalyptus honey is a wonderful natural product with both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, so it is very interesting to naturally prevent or treat different problems and diseases of the urinary system. It is ideal for kidney stones, nephritis and cystitis. In fact, it is an excellent natural urinary tract disinfectant.


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