To take care of the immune system there are certain essential nutrients that help keep it in good health. Discover the most important ones.

It is known that both autumn and winter are two seasons that always tend to take their toll on the health of many people. Although it is true that the change of season can cause a decrease in defenses, the arrival of both cold and humidity are the main cause of many flu or colds.

The best option before the arrival of these two seasons is: to increase the defenses and to know how we can strengthen the immune system. Since in this way we will be able to strengthen our defenses to reduce the risk of catching a cold.

Precisely within these fundamental tips we find the following of a healthy and balanced diet. And within this healthy diet, there are certain essential nutrients that are essential and necessary for our immune system.

Essential nutrients for our immune system

Among the essential nutrients that become essential for our immune system we find two healthy minerals: selenium and zinc.

Both minerals are capable of stimulating the production of immune cells, which in turn helps our body to protect itself against infections naturally.

Although following a balanced diet the contribution of both minerals would be almost guaranteed, when we are faced with the arrival of autumn or winter it may be a good idea to resort to certain nutritional supplements.


It is a mineral that increases the production of T lymphocytes, which helps to improve the immune response of our body against infections. Therefore, zinc is a mineral that helps in treating colds and flu.

Regarding the daily amount of zinc that our body needs, between 15 to 45 mg. a day would be enough.


It is another useful mineral for our immune system. Specifically, it is capable of increasing the production of white blood cells, while acting against certain viruses.

IF you want to increase your defenses with the help of this mineral, it is a good idea to take up to 100 mcg. A day of selenium. Of course, remember that it is not advisable to exceed 200 mcg. Daily without first consulting your doctor.

Some fundamental tips

Remember that it is not necessary to take zinc or selenium supplements exclusively in order to increase your defenses.

It is necessary to follow a balanced diet to ensure that each day you take in the nutrients that your body so badly needs.

Only in this way will you not only be able to increase your defenses in a natural way, but also take care of your health to enjoy a much healthier and healthier life.


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