Is it true that it hurts to get a tattoo? The reality is that there are some myths related to this art of skin. Also discover some useful tips if you plan to make one.

We have made the decision to tattoo our body and we are fine. It has also become very clear to us that whatever design we choose will be in the area we chose for a very long time.

Tattoo removal techniques have come a long way over the years, and although they are expensive, they have made the fear of stamping your skin decrease considerably.

There are some myths surrounding tattoos and their realization, so we want to review the most common with you and tell you how true or how false it turns out to be that which is repeated so much.

Recurring myths about tattoos

  • You’ll regret it: While there’s a lot of truth to this, sociological studies suggest that 84% of people who get tattoos are absolutely happy with them. The other 16% believe it was too early to have them done.
  • You cannot donate blood: This is perhaps one of the most heard and repeated myths about tattoos. The truth is that they can donate blood, but they must comply with a regulatory period of time that varies from country to country.
  • The ink can explode: There is a belief that the ink can explode when the tattooed person undergoes MRI but this is not true. There are those who feel itching or pain in the area and that can happen, depending on the quality of the ink.

There is also another myth about ink and it has to do with the color of the ink. According to stories, lighter colors hurt more, but this has been shown to make no difference.

  • They hurt a lot: Many say that when you get a tattoo, the pain is unbearable and this is a little true and a little false. Why? Simply because there are more vulnerable areas than others.

Here we want to put a lot of emphasis because for years, this has been the factor responsible for millions of people refraining from getting a tattoo anywhere on their body.

First we must be clear about what pain is and where it originates. And in this regard, scientific studies suggest that it is the brain that detects the aggression or blow, external or internal, and the one that sends that signal so that we are alert.

So what are the areas where a tattoo can hurt the most? Where you have the least tissue and the most bone is where it will hurt the most. So places like the knees, ankles and lower back are super sensitive.

Likewise, the eyelids are a part in which the pain could become unbearable, as well as in the wrists, the entire face and in your private parts. So if you are sensitive, never opt for those options.

In fact, there is a kind of ranking that measures the amount of pain that can be felt in certain areas of the body, so we want to tell you about the most common ones and their position.

  • On the shoulders: 1 out of 10. It becomes light or moderate. Shoulders: slight discomfort (1/10).
  • External face of the arms: 1 of 10. Also light.
  • In the lateral area of ​​the thighs: 2 out of 10. Slight pain.
  • In the nape: 2 out of 10 because the pain is slight.
  • Chest, neck and hands: 4 out of 10. It becomes intense or strong.

What you must be very clear about is that yes, it does hurt to get a tattoo but it is not bad to die, depending on where you are going to do it. It will also depend on how much you can resist the pain and how comfortable you are with it.

Tips when tattooing

If you are a woman and are planning to get a tattoo, avoid doing it the week before your menstrual cycle or while you have it. It is known that during those days you are more sensitive.

Once you have been tattooed, try to wear light clothing that allows that area to breathe.  Prevent clothing from rubbing against it or exposing it to the sun’s rays for at least 15 days.

You must be relaxed if you want to get tattooed. The tension will add an extra factor so that it hurts and you may not even get a good result because your skin will not be in optimal condition.

Some tattoo artists recommend that the person listen to music with headphones while they are doing the tattoo. Chewing gum can also relax you, or even bite into something in the process.


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