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Diseases and pain caused by misuse of the computer

Find out what are the most common disorders, pains and diseases caused when we misuse not only the computer, but also the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse.

The computer has become one of the technological gadgets that have undergone the most evolution and use in recent years, especially with the rise of the Internet and the technology developed around it.

In fact, we use the computer for practically everything: to write documents, file taxes, enroll at the University, contact our relatives or friends… I myself am writing this article through it right now, and you are probably reading it through from your PC or laptop.

But with the increase in computer use, diseases, disorders and pain caused by its use have also increased; or almost better said –to be more precise-, due to its misuse, not only in terms of the keyboard and the mouse, but also due to the way we sit in front of the monitor screen.

Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common disorders, caused by frequent use of the computer, but especially by sitting incorrectly; that is, for adopting a bad posture in front of the computer screen.

It is common that as the hours of work, study or even leisure in front of the monitor progress, we tend to change our position in front of it and let ourselves fall into the chair.

The solution is as simple as it is simple: sit straight in the chair, with your back against the backrest and never letting yourself fall on it.

Vision problems

Vision and vision problems due to misuse of the computer are various: from loss of vision due to continuous use of the computer without resting (or because it is very close to the screen), to itchy eyes.


As a consequence of the constant use of the computer without resting your eyes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

What is known as carpal tunnel syndrome is another of the most common disorders, which appears above all as a result of a poor position of the wrist when using the mouse and keyboard for an extended period of time.

This is a peripheral neuropathy that arises when the median nerve (which runs from the forearm to the hand) becomes trapped or pressed within the carpal tunnel, causing heat, numbness in the fingers, cramps and tingling in the hands.

Preventing it is simple: change the keyboard to a more suitable one and use a suitable mouse pad to rest your wrist.


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