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Differences between body milk or moisturizing cream

Today it is possible to find a huge variety of different products on the market designed for skin care, which can provide hydration, nutrition and a good amount of ingredients and active ingredients that are extremely interesting in this regard.

A good example can be found in body milk, a product also called body milk. Of course, even though we can popularly find it in stores under this name, it does not mean that its composition has milk (or any other dairy product) as the main ingredient. This denomination is fundamentally due to its texture and appearance, which, indeed, is very reminiscent of dairy products.

As you probably know, the use of body lotions, such as body milk, form an essential part of the most basic skincare regimens. They provide excellent qualities and health benefits, and like any other product used for this purpose, they are applied externally on the skin to soften, moisturize and perfume the skin. But, what is really a body milk or body milk? What is it for or used for? And, above all, how is it different from body cream?

What exactly is a body milk?

The body milk, consists of a product with a more liquid and fluid consistency, and therefore much less viscous, which can be used on the body in order to moisturize and soften the skin. In fact, they tend to provide deep hydration on the skin, which is why they can be part of the skincare routine almost on a daily basis.

Due to their enormous moisturizing power, they are usually highly recommended for people with dry or very dry, sensitive or excessively damaged skin, although the truth is that they are also excellent for those with normal (or even oily) skin. And they should not be confused with moisturizing creams, whose differences we will talk about in a future section.

And what is a moisturizer?

The moisturizer works by rehydrating the top layer of skin cells, sealing in moisture, in turn increasing the moisture level of the outermost layer of the epidermis, helping in a very positive way when it comes to preventing the skin from becoming I know that. Also, if they contain some kind of sunscreen, it will also help protect the skin from sun damage.

But its benefits do not end here. It also alters the skin’s natural balance of water, proteins and lipids, helping it better retain water and keep the skin properly hydrated. They are essential and necessary not only for dry skin, but also for oily skin. Of course, the most advisable thing is always to use only those moisturizers formulated specifically for our skin type.

On the other hand, facial moisturizers should not be confused with body moisturizers. Due to the individual characteristics of facial skin, compared to body skin, moisturizers are specifically formulated to be used individually on both parts of the body, thus serving very different purposes, beyond simple softening and hydration. In short, face cream and body cream are two different types of products.

Thus, while facial creams generally tend to focus more on wrinkles, fine lines, hydration, dark spots, excess oil and pores, body creams tend to treat spider veins, cellulite and provide your time firming qualities. Facials tend to contain much more specialized active ingredients, hence their price is usually higher, and body ones tend to have a heavier texture, with thicker emollient ingredients useful to moisturize and protect.

But unlike body milks, which are not necessarily formulated for certain skin types, the use of moisturizer must be adjusted to each skin type, so it is essential to ensure that you choose -and use- a moisturizer that really work for the skin.

What benefits does the use of body milk or body milk provide?

Applied regularly, body milk provides interesting benefits for the skin:

  • Helps keep skin properly hydrated. Regardless of the climate we live in (be it dry, hot, humid or windy), it is very common for the skin to become irritated or dry. In fact, it does not matter that our skin is oily so that, at certain times of the year, some dry patches can form. The skin, which can usually be exposed to certain chemicals, or to water, requires more care, and this is when the use of body milk becomes simply crucial. The body milk therefore helps to avoid this uncomfortable dryness, keeping both the body and the hands hydrated not only during the summer months, but also during the winter.
  • It is useful in certain areas of the body. Although we have oily or dry skin, it is very common to have rough skin in certain areas of the body, such as usually happens with the knees or elbows. Body milk, used daily, can help make it softer and suppler.
  • Helps skin glow and become smoother. Regular application (daily if possible) helps skin glow by rejuvenating underlying tissues. In addition, the skin will become softer by being properly hydrated.
  • Interesting anti-aging factor. Body lotions, such as body milk, have the ability to alter the formation of wrinkles, since many of these products consist of different components with anti-aging qualities, such as keratin, which is essential to preserve the state more youthful skin. Therefore, to keep the look as healthy, fresh and youthful as possible, it is enough to apply the body milk daily on the skin.

What are the main differences between body milk and moisturizing cream?

It is common to confuse body milk or body milk with moisturizing cream, since it is common for both products to be used on the skin in order to hydrate it. However, we can find differences not only in its composition or formulation, but above all in its texture and appearance.

Although it is true that both are used to hydrate the skin, and in its composition they contain water and oil, body milk has a greater amount of water, which offers the possibility that its texture is much lighter and more fluid, thus allowing only that its application is simple, but it is ultimately perfect for practically any occasion.

They contain a higher percentage of purified water, so their texture is much lighter. Thanks to this fluid texture, it can be easily applied to practically the entire body, being easier to spread over a large area of ​​the body, although it is very common to apply it especially to the leg area.

Body milk is much lighter and less oily compared to moisturizers, so people with normal skin may only need to use this type of lotion to keep their skin properly hydrated. For this reason, it is common for us to find them stored in bottles and long containers that facilitate their use.

Moisturizer, however, contains a higher amount of oil, which is why it tends to be more viscous and thick. They contain a higher percentage of oil, compared to the amount of water, so they are especially useful in case of dry skin, thanks to the additional protection they provide. Hence, we can only find them available in bottles.

In fact, the creams have the ideal consistency to be applied to certain specific areas of the body, such as the case of the face, heels and elbows.

When to apply the body milk or body milk and how to do it correctly?

You may be wondering if post-shower moisturizing is really a must or not, but the answer, as most beauty experts advise, should be yes. The reason? Skin holds the most moisture when it’s moist, and most moisturizers tend to work much better when skin is already hydrated.

After showering or bathing, water tends to evaporate quickly from the skin, which can make the skin dry. And as you know, especially if you suffer from it, dry skin is not pleasant at all, since in addition to being annoying, it can cause uncomfortable itching, and further exacerbate the appearance of the main early signs of natural skin aging. skin, including not only fine lines, but also wrinkles.

Therefore, it is best to apply body milk after a shower or bath, while the skin is still slightly damp. And also, try to do it almost practically every day, which means that you should integrate this step into your daily -and night- skin care routine.

On the other hand, since the weather can influence the skin to become dry, and it can also happen too quickly, it is essential to follow a regular moisturizing routine, and start as soon as possible, particularly if you have already begun to notice that the skin tends to be drier than usual, which could end up being a sign that you’re not hydrating enough; or, at least, that you’re not doing it the right way.

To maximize the benefits of body milk, the essential thing is to follow the steps that we indicate below:

  1. Place a small amount of body milk in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the lotion between your palms for a few seconds, which will help warm it up a bit.
  3. With the help of both hands, massage the body milk into a small area of ​​the skin, always with gentle circular movements.

Repeat the above steps as necessary, in order to cover the entire body with the body milk. Of course, depending on how dry your skin may be, it may be necessary to use a greater amount, being a little more generous in those areas of the skin that are drier, such as the knees or elbows.

Other useful tips that will help you when using body milk or body milk

As we have mentioned, an excellent option, especially extremely useful for maximizing the benefits and qualities of body milk, is to apply it after showering, when it is still slightly damp. However, showering or bathing are not the only times body milk could be useful.

For example, before going to bed can become another ideal time to use body milk. The reason? Skin tends to lose moisture while we sleep, so applying a body lotion just before bed will not only provide the hydration you need, but will leave your skin as soft as it is smooth.

Before exercising, it can be another very interesting option, since you will prepare the skin beforehand with a light, non-comedogenic moisturizing product. Also, if the weather is particularly cold, this can help reduce the dryness that may start to appear after the training session is over.

After shaving and waxing are two other unique times when you could use body milk. In the particular case of shaving, we must bear in mind that in addition to removing unwanted body hair, it also removes the top layer of cells on the surface of the skin, in the same way that an exfoliant would. To help protect newly exposed skin and soothe any razor burn, applying body milk after shaving can go a long way. In this sense, there are even people who choose to use make-up remover milk, which is characterized by being very refreshing.


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