Eating quickly is bad for your health, since by eating fast we tend to eat more, so we gain weight. This is confirmed by a recent study. Find out why eating fast food affects our weight.

Eating in a calm and relaxed way is vitally important to enjoy a better quality of life while at the same time taking care of our line. Otherwise, it is possible that our entire intestinal system becomes blocked, a situation that can be the most negative for our health in general and that can translate into other more serious conditions such as obesity or diabetes.

In fact, a study, concluded that more than 45.6% of men and 50.9% of women ate too fast in a sample taken from around more than 3,000 volunteers. Based on these data, and with the passage of time, it was found that the group of those people who said they ate in a short time until they were practically satiated, had a greater predisposition to be overweight.

All this without commenting that enjoying any meal peacefully can become one of the  greatest pleasures that exist in life. For this reason, don’t you think it is a good idea to take any food as calmly as possible?

Helpful Tips for Eating Slowly

It goes without saying that this last premise must be taken into account for all those people who are eager to lose weight. In that sense, we have found it most interesting to give you a series of tips that can be most useful to enjoy your meals while at the same time taking care of your line. Are you ready? Well let’s go!

Always eat sitting and in front of a table

It is becoming more and more common to eat at work for ten minutes in order to resume our work activity as soon as possible. However, this can only bring us more stress, anxiety and on top of it will be the most negative for our intestinal health.

To remedy it, the best thing you can do is sit quietly in front of a table and give yourself the time necessary to savor all the food in a calm way without doing other tasks (such as watching TV or surfing the internet) that will only lead to “ let’s devour ”the food.

Chew all foods well

Chewing all food slowly will make us more concentrated when it comes to enjoying any meal. During this process, it seems very important that you pass all the food through the cavities through your mouth. Let these soak up saliva around all your taste buds while also wiping them on your tongue.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy much more all the flavors of each of the meats, fish, fruits and vegetables that you eat and then have a much calmer digestion since the food will have reached the intestine more “processed”.

Drink water every minute

It goes without saying that water will help us soften all the food we eat. Therefore, it is recommended to take at least two sips of this liquid every sixty seconds. This will help us to hydrate our entire body while at the same time we will enjoy better digestion.

All this without mentioning that water also has satiating effects and therefore can help us feel fuller after a large meal. And of course, this can later translate into considerable weight loss.

Always take smaller portions

Are you tired of eating all your food voraciously in record time? Well, we also have a solution for it. The best thing you can do is cut all the food into little pieces.

In this way, you will taste all the food much better while the food intake process will be much slower and more leisurely, something that will have a very positive impact on your intestinal health.

Eat every 2-3 hours

It is very normal that shortly after having eaten a good amount of food, within a few hours we have an urgent need to eat again. Faced with this situation, the best you can to avoid being “biting” between meals with sweets or fried foods, is simply to eat a piece of fruit (such as an apple) or nuts accompanied by a tea or a simple glass of water.

This will give you an extra shot of energy to continue facing the day, while at the same time you will have the feeling of a “full stomach”.


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