Do you want to learn how to make an exquisite roscón de Reyes at home? Discover everything you need with this original recipe to prepare it in a few hours.

In addition to nougats, typical sweets and recipes for this Christmas (marzipan, alfajores, almonds, angel hair pastries, mantecados) there is a truly exquisite dessert that, at least in Spain, can never be missed both on Christmas night and day. Reyes itself: the famous roscón de reyes.

It is, almost without any doubt, one of the most traditional typical sweets of the Christmas festivities, and one of the most characteristic and popular for the traditional day of the Three Kings, since it is usually consumed during this day, accompanying it of a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

In fact, there are those who prefer to consume it the same night before Three Kings’ Day, just after the celebration of the traditional Cavalcade.

Do you dare to prepare it? Make a note of the ingredients and the steps to follow for its preparation.

Original recipe of roscón de Reyes

Ingredients needed for the roscón de Reyes recipe:

  • 500 grams of flour.
  • 25 grams of yeast (if possible baker’s yeast).
  • 100 grams of sugar.
  • Lemon zest.
  • 100ml milk.
  • 100 grams of butter (if we want a slightly more “healthy” roscón de reyes, we can opt for 100 grams of margarine).
  • 2 eggs.
  • Frosted fruit.

And remember that one of the requirements to enjoy a good roscón de reyes is to embed a surprise inside, so in that case we leave the choice to you.

Elaboration of the roscón de Reyes. 

Steps to follow.

First we must heat three to four tablespoons of milk, dissolving the yeast in it. Then we add the 100 grams of flour, and knead well until we have a small ball the size of a tennis ball (approximately, of course), leaving it to rest for about two hours.

After spending these two hours, we must observe that the aforementioned ball (dough) has become twice its original size, more or less.

At this point we will take a fairly large bowl, in which we will pour the rest of the excess flour, making its corresponding hole in the center, and in it we will put the eggs, milk, sugar, lemon zest, orange blossom water, and we beat it well.

We then add the butter or margarine in small pieces, so that in this way it is well integrated into the rest of the roscón, and we continue kneading as well.

At this moment the important part of the elaboration would come, since it is the moment in which we must join the two masses, an issue that is more advisable to do calmly and without haste. Then, we let it sit for another couple of hours.

The dough must have fluffed up a bit during the time we let it rest. Finally we turn on the oven at about 160º so that it warms up, and while we take the oven source where we are going to cook it, and place baking paper with a little butter or margarine spread on it so that the dough does not stick to us.

We pour the aforementioned dough into the tray, and we give it the famous thread shape.  After this, we must add the candied fruits to our personal taste, paint it with beaten egg, sprinkle the sugar so that it later takes on that characteristic flavor and hide the dough inside the roscón de reyes.

Finally we let it cook in the oven, at the same temperature for about half an hour. But at all times we must be aware of him. As a final choice, we can brown it a little on the outside, selecting the grill option for this.

How to eat the roscón de Reyes?

The truth is that the delicious roscón de reyes can be eaten alone or accompanied by whatever you prefer. For example, the most common is to make some coffee or a good hot chocolate, and dip the piece of roscón you are eating in it (in fact, we are not kidding you if we tell you that it is one of the most delicious options).

It is also possible that the roscón comes filled with cream or chocolate truffle. In these cases it is also possible to consume it by submerging it in our warm cup. As we see, everything will depend on the personal taste of each one.




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