How to control your appetite? Discover easy tips and tricks to control your appetite quickly and thus help you lose weight little by little and look healthier.

Now that we are right in the middle of the so-called bikini operation, it is usually quite common that many people tend to follow a wide variety of weight loss diets, with which – on the one hand – purify and detoxify what is eaten in excess during the Christmas, and -on the other hand- to lose weight and show off a better figure before the arrival of summer.

The truth is that the key to enjoying an ideal weight is found in following a healthy life. In short, a healthy lifestyle based on physical exercise and following a balanced diet, rich in fresh, natural and healthy foods.

In any case, it is essential not only to avoid overeating, but to have some useful tips at hand when it comes to knowing how to reduce appetite, which will positively help us to eat less and thus reduce our weight healthily little by little.

And it is vital to know how to control appetite, since in this way – as we will see in this note – we will avoid snacking between meals and not overeat quickly.

Tricks to control your appetite

  • Eat five meals a day: it is essential not only so that you arrive less hungry for the next meal, but also to ensure that our body is continuously ‘busy’ burning fat. Remember that if you skip a meal it is likely that you will arrive at the next one very hungry, so that you will end up eating quickly without giving time for your digestive system to send the necessary signals to the brain to know that you are already satiated (find out more about leptin), so you will eventually overeat.
  • Chew slowly and enjoy each bite: if you eat slowly you will help your digestive system to send enough signals so that you know that you are already satiated.  Overweight people tend to eat excessively, and fast too.
  • Help yourself to a small portion and don’t repeat: the key to losing weight is eating small amounts of food five times a day. If you used to have a large plate, now try to put half on it, or at least try to leave some food on the plate. And, of course, avoid repeating. It can help to serve you food on a dessert plate.
  • Eat fruit for a healthy snack: mid-morning or mid-afternoon, when hunger strikes you, it is best to always opt for a fruit. It will not provide just calories and a great diversity of benefits and nutritional properties.


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