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Constipation in summer: causes, how to prevent and relieve it

Constipation is very common in summer: discover why it occurs, what its causes are, how to avoid or prevent it and how to relieve it.

With the arrival of the holidays, and particularly summer, it is very common for occasional  constipation to make an appearance, mainly due to the change in habits that comes with days off away from home, spending whole hours in the pool or beach, and the heat.

As you surely know, constipation is considered one of the most common and common gastrointestinal problems. It is an alteration of the intestine, which consists of an excessive retention of water in the large intestine and, therefore, the hardening of the stool, so that its expulsion becomes very difficult.

And when could we consider that there is constipation? According to many specialists, a healthy person can defecate a minimum of twice a day. However, each body has a regular number of bowel movements, while everything depends on the food we eat and how much physical exercise we do.

Causes of constipation in summer

With the arrival of the holidays, the summer and, ultimately, the increase in free time, we tend to break with our day-to-day routine, which we have acquired during the rest of the year. This is precisely one of the main causes of the appearance of constipation, so that continuing with the same habits is useful for its prevention.

On the other hand, the dehydration typical of summer days (as a result of the increase in outside temperature), is another factor that favors the appearance of constipation, especially when we spend many hours in the sun, on the beach or in the pool. And we don’t hydrate properly.

How to prevent constipation in summer:

  • Continue with the same habits: follow a varied and balanced diet rich in fiber. On the other hand, if you regularly practice physical exercise, continue doing so (and if not, this is a good time to start and do it regularly). Since in summer it is not advisable to do it during the day, it is best to do it first thing in the morning or in the evening, when it is much cooler.
  • Take care of your diet: as we briefly indicated in the previous section, it is important that you follow a diet rich in fiber as varied as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables stand out, ideal for summer days mainly because they provide you with essential nutrients and also refresh you.
  • Hydrate properly: Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water and other beverages daily. A useful option is to always have a fresh bottle of water on hand. Natural juices, infusions and refreshing teas are also ideal.

How to relieve it if it has already appeared:

  • Drink water: it helps you improve intestinal transit; it is also ideal for hydrating on summer days. On the other hand, did you know that it also improves your skin?
  • Reduce the consumption of saturated fats: try to reduce the consumption of meat per week, increasing the consumption of fish. Also, avoid fried and very fatty foods.
  • Practice physical exercise: every day, on a regular basis. You can simply choose to walk for at least half an hour, especially in the hours when it is no longer hot.
  • Keep a schedule for your meals: even if you are away from home and/or on vacation; in this way you will help your body to create a “fixed” time to go to the bathroom.
  • Avoid alcohol, or drink it in moderation: it affects your intestinal flora, causing digestive discomfort.


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