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Consequences of being a passive smoker

Find out what the consequences and health effects of being a passive smoker are. Did you know that passive smoking is much more dangerous than active smoking? Know why.

passive smoker is a person who does not smoke, but who is close to the person who does, so that in reality that individual is smoking without wanting to.

In this sense we are faced with two conflicting positions: while smokers complain that there are more and more places where they cannot smoke, why does the person who does not smoke have to “consume” cigarette smoke?

However, even if we don’t smoke if we find ourselves daily near a person who does, its  health consequences are practically the same as if we were actually smoking. In fact, in the United States alone, more than 55,000 passive smokers die each year.

Let’s take an example: according to different studies, being in a closed room of 30 square meters with people who smoke at least two cigarettes an hour is equivalent to the fact that the non-smoker has actually smoked a cigarette.

Health consequences of passive smoking

As we mentioned in the previous lines, a passive smoker is understood to be a non-smoker who inhales tobacco smoke from those smokers around him.

To realize how dangerous passive tobacco is, we must be aware that while 15% of the smoke given off by the cigarette is inhaled by the person who smokes, 85% is dispersed in the air. While the smoke given off by the tip of the cigarette contains carcinogenic substances 100 times higher than the smoke inhaled by the active smoker.

Like the active smoker, the nonsmoker exposed to cigarette smoke can fall prey to lung cancer, respiratory tract infections, asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

The consequences are even worse in the smallest

In addition to adult passive smokers, the consequences for the health of the little ones when a person smokes around them are even worse, and much more serious.

And it is that we must not forget that their organs are not yet fully developed, so that the damage caused is even greater, and they may suffer respiratory diseases, asthma and otitis.

Therefore, the question is clear: if you do not smoke, stay away from those people who do smoke and have no respect for you or your health at the time they light their cigarette.  Your health is at stake.


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