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Cold and flu in summer: useful tips for their natural treatment

How to naturally treat summer flu or a cold? Although they are not so common, during the summer months we can also get infected and catch a cold. Discover some useful tips for your most natural treatment.

Although we tend to associate colds, flu and colds as infectious diseases exclusive to the autumn and winter months, the truth is that during the summer months they can also arise and appear. For example, it is true that a cold tends to be more common in summer than the flu, since the virus that causes this disease tends to be contracted especially in colder times.

But as many experts say, colds and flu are not just winter illnesses. Of course, given that during the summer months the environment tends to be warmer due to an increase in temperatures, it is necessary that the immune system is weakened or in poor shape.

This means that although the virus does not present as much incidence during these months, it is enough that the organism is favorable to the infection so that the contagion occurs easily.

The main causes of colds and flu in summer

While during the winter months it is common for our defenses to drop due to the decrease in daylight hours, the change of season and the arrival of the cold (which ultimately influence a hormonal imbalance), during the summer there are other elements that can influence a decrease in the strengthening of our immune system and that ultimately we tend to be more prone to contagion.

Among these most common and usual causes and elements we can mention the following:

  • Air conditioning: who hasn’t caught a cold from air conditioning? Whether in the car or when entering a store, excessive use of air conditioning can influence the spread of colds and flu, especially due to the change in temperature that occurs when going from hot too cold in a few seconds. In fact, they are considered one of the main causes since they lower our body’s defenses, a moment that viruses ‘take advantage of’ to attack our immune system.
  • Low fluid intake: during the summer, since we tend to sweat a lot and therefore dehydrate more easily, it is very important to maintain adequate hydration by drinking plenty of fluids.
  • Drink very cold drinks: when drinking cold or very cold drinks our throat suffers, becoming an ideal place for the infection to run its course.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun: although exposure to the sun, carried out safely using sunscreens properly, is very beneficial, it is not so beneficial if we overdo it, since it tends to cause a certain ‘stress’ on our immune system.
  • Following an unhealthy and balanced diet: during the summer, especially during the holidays, it is more common to eat anything and also badly, especially if we are on the beach or in the pool. As a consequence, nutritional deficits can be suffered that later influence a lowering of the defenses.

How to treat cold and flu in summer naturally:

Ginger infusion

Ginger is probably one of the most effective natural options when it comes to helping us reduce the most bothersome symptoms of the flu or a cold, since it exerts an antibacterial, analgesic and antipyretic action, helping us without a doubt to feel great. Better.

To prepare the infusion you only need a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger and add it to a cup of boiling water. Squeeze half a lemon and add its juice to the infusion. Then, if you wish, you can add honey to sweeten.

Eucalyptus sprays

We have already talked to you about eucalyptus vapors on other occasions. Also known as eucalyptus vaporizations, they are very useful because they help relieve throat irritation and also open the airways, thanks to their well-known expectorant action.

To prepare the vases or vaporizations you need to heat water. When it boils, turn off the heat and incorporate it into a large bowl or a wide vessel. Then add eucalyptus leaves or a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Put a towel on your head, covering your face, and try to breathe in all the steam that the eucalyptus gives off.

Infusion of garlic, lemon and honey

Garlic is known as a powerful super food, ideal for fighting a wide variety of diseases thanks to its antiseptic properties that are especially useful for the body to be able to better fight flu, colds and other infections. We owe this quality to the presence of illicit, the main compound of garlic.

Although you can eat crushed garlic directly, if you feel bad you can choose to make it in infusion. To do this, peel two small cloves of garlic and cut them very finely. Then prepare an infusion with the equivalent of a cup of water. While the water is boiling, cut a lemon in half and squeeze it to obtain all its juice. Once the water boils, add the finely chopped garlic, the lemon juice and a little honey. Ready!


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