Surely you have never or almost never heard of the cocú, a plant little known by the common people, but certainly recommended by many experts and specialists in herbal medicine, thanks to its medicinal properties.

We tend to find this plant in the category of healing plants, according to studies carried out by different institutions, and its stems and leaves can be used from it.

Regarding its origin, it comes from Paraguay, and lives in the forests and jungles of central and northern Argentina. Although also incidentally, it is also common in Uruguay, Bolivia or Brazil.

Benefits and properties of the cocú

The cocú stands out mainly for its important properties against liver diseases, since it can be an excellent aid in the purification of the liver.

Not surprisingly, it acts as an anti-inflammatory in different digestive and liver conditions, being an option for poorly cured hepatitis, and in cases of emotional gastritis.

It also helps to improve the insufficiency of bile secretion, at the same time that it is used in cases of slow digestion and to avoid the formation of gases and flatulence.

In cases of chronic constipation it can be an interesting laxative, also useful to cure hemorrhoids, and even in liver cirrhosis treatments.


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